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Maintain Cleanliness, the Best Way to Treat Seasonal Allergies

Maintain Cleanliness, the Best Way to Treat Seasonal Allergies

Maintain Cleanliness, the Best Way to Treat Seasonal Allergies

Morphamine - Seasonal allergies and influenza have almost the same symptoms. Seasonal allergies in a person's natural due to seasonal changes, while influenza caused by a virus. This allergy is experienced by almost many people at the turn of the season. Someone who suffered from this allergy will feel the nose runny and itchy eyes in certain seasons.

Seasonal allergic symptoms usually occur in the respiratory system and appear only a few times a year. Almost everyone does not realize that they have seasonal allergies, and considers the symptoms that are felt are colds or flu.

Things that cause allergies or are generally called allergens, are not the same in all people and regions. From research experts, two types of allergens are often the cause of allergic reactions are pollen and fungi.

Pollen is a common cause of seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies due to pollen will appear at certain times of the year.

Other allergic causes are pet hair such as cats and dogs. Wood powder or certain chemicals can cause excessive allergic reactions to the immune system. When a person with a seasonal allergy is exposed to an allergen, the immune system releases a biochemical substance that can cause inflammation and cause a runny nose.

Main Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies
Almost everyone considers seasonal allergic symptoms similar to cold or influenza symptoms.

- Cough
In allergies, coughing only appears several times and not continuously

- Pain
Allergy symptoms do not cause pain in the body. Pain is only felt if influenza disease

- Itching in the Eyes
A person who is allergic to him will always feel the itch on the eyes.

-Runny nose
These symptoms are experienced by allergy sufferers and influenza.

People who have allergies are never released with fever.

The best way to treat seasonal allergies

Symptoms of mild seasonal allergies can be directed to the doctor to get prescription drugs. The best way to prevent seasonal allergies is to avoid allergens in the air. Cleaning the house or workplace every day will greatly help reduce the emergence of allergies in certain seasons.

Cleaning of dust, mites and fungus in the house should be done regularly. Reducing moisture and installing an air filter is necessary to keep the allergen from entering easily into the body.

Drugs that can be used to relieve allergy symptoms such as Antihistamine. These drugs can be purchased freely and present in liquid or capsule form. Side effects of Antihistamine may cause drowsiness.

Nasal spray can greatly help relieve allergies. In certain areas, nasal sprays are not sold freely and must be prescribed by a doctor.

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