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Influenza Vaccine : Type, Effectiveness, Benefits and Side Effects Caused

Influenza Vaccine : Type, Effectiveness, Benefits and Side Effects Caused

Influenza Vaccine : Type, Effectiveness, Benefits and Side Effects Caused

Morphamine - Influenza Vaccine. Influenza Vaccine or often called the flu vaccine, including vaccine type is best to cope with the flu virus in a particular season or indeed given because someone who was suffering from flu is not quickly healed. Influenza or flu at first glance does look like a mild illness that can be cured by itself, but you have to be careful because this disease can lead to complications of the disease such as respiratory tract infections even until death.

Influenza viruses have the ability to grow very quickly and are always changing in a particular season, especially when the transfer season. If taking medication relief from regular flu symptoms, flu viruses will only be in the condition of falling asleep and will expand again when there is a new type of flu virus that goes into the body. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that all men, ranging in age from about 6 months to get the vaccines routinely every year due to the impact of the swine flu disease dangerous.

The importance of the flu vaccine injections is to ward off the flu virus when trying to get into the body, suppressing the development of flu viruses, and minimize the risk of transmission of the virus from the sufferer to another person. On the other hand, the flu vaccine that is done routinely though not currently suffering from influenza can give the ability of antibodies the body to ward off the flu virus which had changed shape and reduce the risk of severe when the flu virus is able to enter into the body.

Types Of Influenza Vaccines

Now there are several types of influenza vaccines, but vaccines are the most common type and are often used is the trivalent influenza vaccine and influenza vaccine is quadrivalent. The term of the Quadrivalent and Trivalent in May of the virus strain used (strain or strains of biology is a term of type viruses used in process engineering), where the vaccines are trivalent means using 3 virus strain and the vaccine is quadrivalent using 4 strain of the virus.

Trivalent Influenza Vaccine

Trivalent Influenza Vaccine is a type of flu vaccine containing two strains of influenza A virus H1N1 and H3N2 IE and one strain of influenza b.

Functions and advantages of trivalent influenza vaccine:
  1. Trivalent Vaccine with high doses or in additional content created with it can be given to patients aged over 65 years. 
  2. Injection of trivalent vaccine with a combination of free eggs have been approved and can be given to patients ranging in age from 18 years old. 
  3. The standard Dose of the vaccine-trivalent produced using viruses grown in eggs can be given by injection procedure and can use jet injectors in patients with an age range of 18 to 64 years.
Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine 

Quadrivalent influenza vaccine is a type of flu vaccine containing strains of the virus H1N1 and H2N2, and have two strains of influenza virus type B.

Functions and advantages of quadrivalent influenza vaccine:
  1. Quadrivalent vaccine Injections-special (contain viruses that can be grown in cell culture or a process of a cell tissue taken and grown in controlled conditions) may be granted to children above 4 years of age. 
  2. Intradermal injection of vaccine-quadrivalent (a shot with a small needle into the tissue of the skin) can be given to patients with ages 18 to 64 years. 
  3. Quadrivalent vaccine Injections-in General will be given in patients with a particular age grouping. 
Why should get the influenza vaccine?

Influenza is not a disease, although in most cases the disease is often considered trivial because the flu can recover by itself. There are some people that are easily cured when stricken with the flu and there are some people thus grew worse when the flu. This is due to many factors, the most frequently encountered was due to the condition of one's body resistance from extreme weather changes and conditions from the environment that is able to strengthen the flu virus as in tropical countries.

Get a shot of influenza vaccine routinely every year is important especially for people who are already aged more than 60 years. The main purpose of getting a flu vaccine injections on a regular basis not only to avoid the flu but rather to break the chains of the spread of the virus and avoid long-term effects brought about because of the swine flu virus evolves.

For those who are still young age, the immune system is still stable and productive. Just ordinary flu illness is not an issue, even in a few days will recover and be able to work normally again. Long-term effects of flu will only be felt when entering the age of 40 years, with the condition that the body is no longer as strong as young and as time flu viruses in the body continue to evolve, developing the flu more than a week can trigger the emergence of other complications such as heart disease and diabetes.

Anyone who should get the influenza vaccine?

Already existing influenza vaccine can be given to all people with different ages, and there is also an influenza vaccine that is given to a person by a certain age. Nevertheless, there are still some people who do have to immediately get injections of the vaccine because of some medical considerations. These are people who can be prioritized to get a shot of influenza vaccine:
  1. People who are over 50 years old. 
  2. Children who are younger than 4 years of age (age 6 to 59 months) 
  3. People with symptoms or chronic disease-specific indications where indeed must be maintained in order not to be exposed to the flu because of feared to be aggravating circumstances such as asthma. 
  4. Women who are pregnant. 
  5. People who suffer from obesity. 
  6. The officers of the medical service. Although medical service officer is seen in healthy condition, they should always make contact directly on patients with various diseases. 
  7. People who do direct contact with children. 
Who should not or need not to perform the influenza vaccine?

Everyone can indeed easily be stricken with flu, but not everyone can get the influenza vaccine. This is due to certain circumstances, owned a person requires to avoid the flu vaccine because it is feared if given injections of the vaccine will cause risks or side effects are more dangerous.
  1. Infants aged 0 to 6 months. The flu vaccine is formed from the flu virus that has already weakened its ability so that the body is able to fight and stimulates the faster formation of antibodies to flu, but the baby's immune system has not been able to adapt to these conditions. 
  2. People who are terminally ill. The immune system will be weakened when someone is sick, flu vaccine injections are given if the body will not be able to form antibodies against some viruses at once. 
The effectiveness of influenza vaccine injections

A great many factors influence the effectiveness of influenza vaccination to include age, the health condition of a person, or the existence of a link between the virus in the vaccine with the virus in the environment. Types of influenza viruses that are present in the environment are always changing because that's why it is highly recommended to conduct regular influenza vaccine injections every year to ward off the virus that has already undergone a change.

Someone who has gotten a shot of influenza vaccine does not mean freed completely from the flu. The possibility of developing the flu is still there, but the conditions they already get flu vaccine injections is certainly not the worst conditions they will never get the vaccine. It would be nice if the flu vaccine injections are given routinely every year because the auto body reacts more quickly if there is a flu virus that was able to get into the body.

The cost for the flu vaccination injections

Have some type of flu vaccine with different functions so the cost to get the vaccine are also different depending on the type of vaccine given. Of course, the difference in the price of each type of vaccine is not linked to much. A shot of the influenza vaccine, in general, has a price range of about $20 to $40 for once did. The amount of these fees would have a complete package with the cost of the doctor.

Influenza Vaccination Services Place

If you are confused as to how does start to get flu vaccine injections, you can come to the place where the service is available for influenza vaccines such as the following: 

1.The Hospital.
Actually, almost all large-scale hospitals provide flu vaccination. But it's good if you consult the medical officer about the procedure and the availability of vaccines in advance

2.Health Clinics. 
If you have more confidence in a clinic near where you live is also not a problem. But you need to inquire about the availability of flu vaccine service or not because not all the clinic serving the flu vaccine injections.

Reaction and side effect of Influenza Vaccine

The flu vaccine is actually a weakened flu virus is then injected into the patient's body with the purpose of the patient's body is able to start producing antibodies to the basis for the flu, so reactions and side effects after getting injections of vaccines there must be but it will be different on each person.

Reaction and flu vaccine side effects that often occur:
  1. Swelling in parts that get injections of the vaccine, it is very reasonable to happen. 
  2. Fever and nausea. 
  3. Pale, feeling tired and a little dizzy. 
  4. Emerging symptoms such as when sick. 
  5. Heart palpitations and restless. 
If the reaction took place just less than 24 hours it is not a problem. If the reaction of this side effect lasts more than 24 hours, you should immediately contact your doctor or the place you get an injection of the vaccine.

Influenza Vaccine Contraindications

Not uncommon to have someone who is suffering from the flu and then decided to get injections of the vaccine without consulting the doctor first. This is quite dangerous because it can so the vaccine is not suitable for the condition of the patient's body.

A few things that can cause a contraindicated after influenza vaccine: 
  1. A person who has a severe allergy condition against chicken eggs. 
  2. It's been ever getting influenza vaccination injections and cause the symptoms that are not normal or very severe. 
  3. Patients with less than 6 months of age because it is the flu vaccine is not allowed for under 6 months of age. 
  4. Patients who are suffering from illness or a severe fever. 
  5. Patients have a history of Guillain-BarrĂ© Syndrome (a severe paralytic illness) where paralysis occurs after receiving an influenza vaccine before. 
Influenza vaccine for pregnant women

While being pregnant, a mother's immune system will decrease dramatically making it very vulnerable to some types of the disease mainly transmitted through the air. The pregnant mother is thus highly recommended to get a shot of influenza vaccine because if the flu-stricken with quite a long time, it is feared will cause contractions and affect the health of the baby in the womb.

The flu vaccine has now been proven to be safe for pregnant women. The flu vaccine is given to pregnant women also have another advantage, the antibodies developed by mother to ward off disease flu can also be handed down to the baby so that the baby will have antibodies to flu in a few months after the birth.

Influenza Vaccine For Children

For children, influenza vaccine can be given starting ages 6 months to 8 years. The effectiveness of the flu vaccine given to children achieves 70-90% in preventing influenza illness contracted. The percentage also depends on the intensity and length of the flu season in each country as well as the climate of your child's health condition.

Do not close the possibility if there is a child who's already got a shot of influenza vaccine but still stricken with influenza, but the children who already received the vaccine injections symptoms and conditions would not be a bad boy who has never gotten the vaccine. The most important thing from flu vaccine in children that is your child will be spared from any kind of flu complications such as asthma, pneumonia or inflammation of the throat.

Influenza vaccine does not provide any side effects of catching the flu that comes with sudden in children because the flu vaccine using virus is dead. Influenza vaccine given to children should not give any side effect except if the health condition of the child is being weakened or have a particular disorder.

The Relationship Between Influenza Vaccine and Egg Allergy

Administering the influenza vaccine to patients who have egg allergies should in beware and if possible it is better if it is to avoid. Influenza vaccine is basically using medium eggs to the manufacturing process because it's worried about if the patient suffers from allergy egg will give the other side effects like itching at all parts of the skin.

For people with egg, allergies would be better off paying attention to nutritious food intake and exercise routine to strengthen the antibodies to the maximum. The pattern of healthy living is very important if you want to avoid the flu vaccine injections without getting, if you choose to consume a flu remedy, you can consult with a doctor about what flu remedy in accordance with the conditions of health and your antibodies.

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