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You must know! Benefits of Consuming Boiled Eggs Regularly for Muscle until Pregnant Women

Benefits of consuming boiled eggs regularly for muscle until pregnant women

Benefits of consuming boiled eggs regularly for muscle until pregnant women

Morphamine - Boiled eggs, almost everyone must have tasted this food, can be eaten directly and can be processed back into ingredients from a more complex dish. Eggs that are often used as food ingredients can come from chickens, ducks, or other birds. Eggs from all poultry can indeed be cooked and eaten, but because the factors are easily available, chicken eggs are the best choice available. It is common information that boiled eggs have very good nutrition for the body. Because it contains high nutrients and is easily available, processed food recipes with boiled eggs can be found in any country.

Inside the egg contains protein, minerals, vitamins, phosphorus, calcium and there are still many other nutrients. By consuming boiled eggs at breakfast, the contents inside can supplement the body's nutritional intake for a full day. One medium-sized boiled egg contains 78 calories, vitamin A and vitamin B complex. Uniquely, cooking eggs by boiling, will not increase the amount of fat.

One of the most abundant substances in eggs is protein. Protein in eggs works very well to form or replace damaged cell structures, repair muscle tissue or bone, and other important processes that occur in the body such as the production of hormones and enzymes.

Protein Dosage the Body Needs for One Day

From the results of the study, an adult man generally requires 56 grams of protein every day and women need 46 grams of protein every day. Of course, everyone's protein needs are not the same. People with heavier activities or in the process of healing after illness certainly need more intake of protein.

The protein contained in eggs

Eggs are one of the food ingredients with high protein content and contain various types of essential amino acids that are needed by the body. In one medium size egg that is boiled, contains 6.29 grams of protein, and is able to meet 11% of protein needs in men and 14% of protein intake needs in women.

Cholesterol content in eggs

Besides protein, eggs also contain a lot of cholesterol. In one large boiled egg in it contains 186 mg of cholesterol. If you are in good health, you are not advised to consume foods with cholesterol content of up to 300 mg every day. That is, when you are in good health, the egg consumption limit is 2 eggs per day. If you have high cholesterol or cholesterol-related disorders, the cholesterol limit that enters your body is not more than 200 mg or just one egg every day.

Available Nutrition in 100 grams of boiled eggs:

Calories: 155
Total fat: 11 gr
Cholesterol: 373 mg
Sugar: 1.1g
Potassium: 126 mg
Carbohydrates: 0 g
Protein: 12.2 g
Vitamin A: 900 IU
Calcium: 54mg
Iron: 2.7mg

(Nutritional data on Wikipedia Boiled Eggs)

Comparable to the abundant amount of nutrients consume boiled eggs regularly with the amount of consumption limit that has been determined for each day, there will be a lot of benefits obtained by the body. The benefits of boiled eggs not only for those of you who are in good health, even very good for pregnant women or for people who have just undergone a surgical process.

Benefits of Consuming Regular Boiled Eggs

1. Benefits of boiled eggs for muscle

Eggs cooked by boiling will not increase the amount of fat and the protein content will not decrease. The protein content is quite high and the price of boiled eggs which are relatively cheaper than beef makes boiled eggs to be the best source of protein and easy to get for the process of muscle formation. Not only the formation process, muscle recovery after injury also requires a lot of protein intake.

At 100 grams of beef does contain more protein than 100 grams of boiled eggs. In terms of quality, of course, beef is much better, but in terms of quantity, boiled eggs will be easier to obtain and certainly safer to consume regularly. The portion of boiled eggs that contain the most protein is in the egg white. If you intend to raise your muscles, you can choose to consume egg whites only.

Protein intake is also always needed to repair injured muscles or skin tissue. if you are a woman who gives birth by a cesarean process, consuming the white part of a boiled egg will speed up the drying and restoration of the part of the incision after a cesarean section.

2. Benefits of boiled eggs for bones

Protein is needed to build and repair new tissue in the body. When the growth period, the protein will be used to form new parts of the bone so that the bones can grow properly. Someone who has experienced a fracture must be advised by a doctor to consume meat, eggs or milk so that the recovery process is faster.

Besides protein, the eggs also contain lots of calcium. If protein is needed for the formation of new tissues such as the bones and muscles, calcium will actually be stored in the bones to strengthen and compact. When the growth period is over, calcium will be needed more to maintain bone ability than protein substances. So, if you enter the age of 40 years, it would be good if you always consume boiled eggs or calcium foods to maintain your bone density.

3. Benefits of boiled eggs for the brain

Inside the egg yolk, there is one compound called choline. Choline compounds turned out to have their own function in the formation of acetylcholine, a substance needed to maintain the ability to remember and improve brain performance. When a child, acetylcholine substances will be needed for the development of the ability to remember, with increasing age this substance will always be needed to keep the brain from decreasing the ability to remember or often called senile dementia.

Cooking the eggs by boiling will keep the contents in the yolk intact because the heat does not directly sting the inside of the egg but gradually from the outer part of the egg or eggshell. To get better nutrients from egg yolks, you should not boil the eggs for too long so that the yolk is not too ripe or often called half cooked in cooking terms.

4. Benefits of consuming boiled eggs for pregnant women and fetuses

As we already know, eggs are a very good source of protein. Protein will be needed by women during pregnancy, where the growth of cells and body tissues of the fetus will require very much protein intake. Again, consuming eggs is indeed very beneficial for the body in any condition, but still, the amount that can be consumed must be limited every day according to the recommended dose. The advantage of choosing boiled eggs as a source of protein is on the financial side, where we know, the birth process will require a lot of money, with egg prices that are still relatively cheap, prospective fathers can also save money to prepare for the cost of birth.

Fetal brain development is an important period when pregnancy, choline and omega-3 fatty acids found in eggs can be a source of nutrients needed for fetal brain and body development. With adequate nutrition for fetal brain development, the baby can avoid neurological disability at birth. In addition to nutrition for the fetus, boiled eggs contain enough calories to meet the energy needs of the mother and fetus. One boiled egg can provide an additional around 70 calories or 30% extra calorie needs for pregnant women.

5. The purpose or routine benefits of consuming boiled eggs at night before going to bed

Actually, there is no special benefit if you consume boiled eggs at night before going to bed, only if you want to fatten the body or want the body to look more contained, this method has been proven effective. The number of calories and protein that is high enough in boiled eggs can form muscles to make it bigger. When you sleep, you do not perform activities that are draining, so by consuming foods with protein and calories such as boiled eggs, the muscles will absorb more protein and only use very little for activity or moving during sleep.

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