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There is an Unseen Danger of Clean Water

There is an Unseen Danger of Clean Water. Water that looks clean can have a hazardous content for health.

There is an Unseen Danger of Clean Water. Water that looks clean can have a hazardous content for health.

Morphamine - Before entering into further discussion, the danger of clean water in question is the danger of water that looks clean even though not yet done or cooked at all, such as water wells, ground water or river water that looks clear.

The main requirement of water is said to be clean is odorless, tasteless and colorless. Although it already has these conditions, clean water is also not recommended to be consumed or drunk without going through the process first as it is heated to a certain temperature so that bacteria that are still contained in dead water and water safe to drink.

Groundwater is a very important requirement in many districts villains with water sources from water treatment companies are directly channeled to homes. This groundwater is located in a layer of rock that lies below the soil surface. Many factors affect the cleanliness of groundwater, the most important factor is the catchment area around the path of ground water.

Urban area.

In densely populated and industrial urban areas, groundwater conditions will be very bad due to unhealthy absorption areas. Groundwater in industrial areas is not recommended to be processed or consumed as drinking water because it contains many particles of waste and iron that comes from industrial waste disposal.

The characteristics of water containing iron.

Water containing a lot of iron content can be easily recognized by its color. The good groundwater color generally looks clear and is not colored at all. But water containing iron will be yellow after being idle some time or imprint yellow after water is used.

Health problems from water containing iron.

Indeed, iron compounds in the body needed to form red blood. Because the human body cannot secrete iron, drinking too much water containing iron will cause disturbances in digestion because the iron will accumulate a lot, especially in the organ part of the intestinal wall.

Rural Areas.

In rural areas of mountain slopes, especially agricultural areas, groundwater does look cleaner and colorless. Researchers have stated a lot of good and good consumed, especially the area that became the source of water from the bottled water company. Despite the good water conditions, the water from the mountains must still be cooked with maximum temperature to be safe for consumption.

But in peatland agriculture, groundwater can have organic acid content. The color of the water in this area will become permanent yellow. High organic acid content will make the flavor of the water from the peatland is not fresh. For peatland areas, if it will still use ground water for consumption it would be better to build deeper wells in order to reach a cleaner layer of water such as using artesian wells.

Polluted Water.

There are so many sources of water pollution, such as from industry, household waste and perhaps the condition of nature itself. The substances that most become the source of water pollution such as heavy metals, lead, mercury or others include iron, there is also from chemicals or bacteria. If in the groundwater there are E. Coli bacteria contents most likely groundwater is already contaminated by human or animal feces.

Various kinds of diseases caused by consuming contaminated water.
-Kidney disorders.
-Nerular Neural Damage.
-and many others.

For now check the water source for your consumption, if you see yellow or water marks start not good from the color, smell or taste, it's good you immediately look for alternative water source other for example from water treatment company to be channeled to the resident's house.

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