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Do You Like Drinking Soft Drinks? Here is a List of Diseases and Bad Effects That are Staking!

Types of diseases and adverse effects caused by soft drinks 

Types of diseases and adverse effects caused by soft drinks

Morphamine - Drinks that contain soda, especially in cold conditions, must be very fresh in the throat. In modern times like now, soft drinks are very easy to find, even the choices are varied. Behind the colors and tastes that are very interesting, you must take care of the day because there are so many diseases that lurk because of the drink. Almost all soft drinks sold must contain artificial sweeteners, carbonated water, preservatives, caffeine, and many other ingredients. Of course, you must know how dangerous it is to drink it often.

Obviously, soft drinks will taste good and refreshing especially when drinking when the body is tired or when the weather is hot. Keep in mind that the feeling of pleasure and refreshing that arises is not naturally, soft drinks are indeed made in such a way as to give a taste like that. If you like to consume soft drinks, it's good that from now on you leave the habit because there will be a lot of side effects.

The following are vital organs that will receive direct adverse effects of soft drinks.

1. Effects of soft drinks on bones and teeth

Carbonated drinks on the market contain a lot of carbonic acids. Carbonic acid is known to interfere with the absorption of minerals, especially absorption of calcium so that it can cause osteoporosis and cavities more easily. Carbonated drinks also contain a lot of artificial sugar which is very much because the taste of soft drinks is very delicious, even though all types of artificial sugar will have a bad impact because it can accelerate the growth of tooth-damaging bacteria.

In addition to artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks or cola also contain types of caffeine which if consumed regularly will make your bones porous faster. The bone density that is continually eroded by caffeine will definitely make you unable to move freely when you are old because the body does not have a strong support. Do you want to always be in a wheelchair rather than playing with your grandchild when you are old?

2. Effects of soft drinks on the heart

Beware, the risk of heart attack and stroke will be greater if you are a fan of soft drinks or cola. Carbonated drinks basically contain zero calories and do not have good nutrition, so the body will experience the accumulation of fat deposits and cholesterol. The more fat and cholesterol that accumulates, obesity will definitely come to you faster.

A person who is obese, in his blood vessels will be more easily clogged up by fat deposits. Non-smooth blood flow causes the heart to work very hard to suck and pump blood, when the process of blood supply that carries oxygen to the heart is blocked, the heart muscle can experience temporary death or stop completely from its function, a condition like this is known as a heart attack.

3. Effects of soft drinks on the stomach and body shape

Drinks containing soda and sugar can make someone who drinks it feel hungry faster even though the distance from the previous meal is very close. The hunger that arises is not from an empty stomach but because carbon dioxide bubbles in a can of soft drinks can fill the stomach so that the abdominal cavity will widen and feel bloated. Conditions like this will make the brain suggest that the stomach must be filled immediately with filling food.

Sugar from soft drinks and food that accumulates continuously will cause fat accumulation in the abdominal circumference because the fat burning process which should be a top priority is disturbed by the large amount of sugar that must be processed by digestion. If the condition of the digestive system is left always like this, the end result that cannot be avoided is the emergence of obesity disorders.

4. Effects of soft drinks on the brain

Still discussing the sugar content in soft drinks. In addition to causing disturbances around the body shape, it turns out that there is a disease that is preparing to approach you carbonated drink connoisseurs. The large amount of fat that builds up in the blood vessels due to the artificial glucose content that cannot be burned completely, causing the circulation of blood that carries oxygen supply to be obstructed. Brains that are late in getting oxygen intake, are known to experience a faster aging process, meaning that diseases such as Alzheimer's, dementia, or stroke can attack you at any time.

5. Effects of soft drinks on the kidneys

The kidney is one of the vital organs that serve as a blood filter so that blood becomes clean and can be re-circulated. Dirt or waste substances produced by metabolism filtered by the kidneys will be disposed of with urine. The content in soft drinks that almost all are not nutrients will be considered as waste by the kidneys. The kidneys will work harder when more waste is transported by blood.

The more often and the more you consume carbonated or carbonated drinks, the more your kidney health will decrease. If this happens, there will be 2 possibilities, first, the dirt will not filter completely and settle and then crystallize into kidney stone disease. Probably the second kidney will be damaged and experience dysfunction or often called kidney stones.

The Dangers of Soft Drinks for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers

Based on the facts in the world of medicine, almost all health experts forbid the excessive consumption of soft drinks for pregnant and lactating women, even doctors often recommend not to drink it at all.

The lightener is very easy, the fetus gets all the nutrients for its development is from all that mothers eat or drink. As in adults, a list of hazards and adverse effects caused by soft drinks can also threaten the condition of the fetus. For example carbonic acid content that can damage bone density because it is binding to calcium, even though the fetus is in dire need of calcium for the formation of bone structure.

Carbonated or carbonated drinks do feel really good especially when the body is tired. If you are a fan of soft drinks, stop starting now. Dangers and diseases caused by soft drinks will not appear in the near future. These diseases are not felt at the beginning and only the signs appear gradually. When you are aware and the disease is already in a bad condition, the price of one can of soft drinks will not be proportional to the costs incurred for the treatment of your disease.

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