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Are you including a Lover of Soda Drinks? Reduce Now Starts Not to Have a Bad Impact on the Body

Dangers too often consume soft drinks for the body

Dangers too often consume soft drinks for the body

Morphamine - In today's era, soft drinks are very easy to find anywhere. In general, carbonated drinks on the market contain sweeteners, carbonated water, preservatives, caffeine, and many other contents.

Soft drinks will feel refreshing and delicious if the drink when the body is tired or when the weather is hot. Although very fresh and delicious soft drinks it has a harmful effect on the body if consumed continuously.

There are some of the most harmful effects for vital organs that you should know:

1. Bones and Teeth.
In soft drinks contain lots of phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid is said to interfere with the absorption of minerals, especially the absorption of calcium in the bones that can cause osteoporosis and holes in the teeth. Although there is no firm evidence of it, what is needed for bones and teeth is not a soft drink, but a source of minerals and calcium like milk and fruit.

Soft drinks also contain a very high amount of sugar. All kinds of artificial sugar is not good for the teeth because it can trigger the growth of bacteria that can cause damage to the teeth.

2. Heart.
Someone who consumes food with soda every day, the risk of heart attack and stroke will be greater than those who do not consume soft drinks.

Another thing that causes heart problems is the accumulation of fat deposits and cholesterol because soft drinks have a very high number of calories.

3. Obesity and Bad Body Shape.
High sugar content in soft drinks can cause many bad things on the body. This sugar content can trigger obesity and even obesity or poor body appearance, such as stomach ache and skin that looks not tight.

Belly stomach even to obesity caused by soft drinks contain calories very high, but do not have nutritional value. If consumed continuously, the body will be supplied with regular calories and can not afford to burn it in a short time.

4. Brain.
Many studies that have proven artificial sweeteners can cause migraine or headaches in certain people. Even a study presented at the American Academy of Neurology found that a person who consumed more than four cans of soft drinks a day could experience depression by 30% compared to those who did not drink soft drinks.

5. Kidney.
It is clear on soft drinks have attractive colors. The color of these soft drinks is of course made of chemical dyes. Substances from chemical dyes can not be absorbed and will accumulate in the kidneys. The longer consumed, the more dye will accumulate and can lead to kidney failure.

Despite having a delicious and refreshing taste, it would be better to stop consuming soda-containing beverages or maybe drink only once a month so as not to have a bad effect on the body.

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