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7 of these Foods Contain Good Natural Antibiotics for your Digestive and Body Health

Foods that contain natural antibiotics for the health of the body and digestion

Foods that contain natural antibiotics for the health of the body and digestion

Morphamine - In modern markets and traditional markets, there are very many food ingredients that contain natural antibiotics. The function of natural antibiotics is actually the same as antibiotics from chemicals, but the difference is that natural antibiotics will not cause any side effects.

Food or herbal ingredients that contain natural antibiotics have very good benefits for the immune system and can protect the body from bacteria or infections that cause severe illness. Every day the human body works against harmful bacteria that try to enter the body for example bacteria from the air caused by pollution.

The immune system that is in the body is not always in top condition, therefore it also requires the intake of nutrients from eating which contain natural antibiotics to support the immune system in fighting bacteria. With the intake of nutrients that can strengthen antibiotics, digestive conditions will be more awake.

The following is a list of food ingredients that contain natural antibiotic sources and you can consume regularly:

1. Honey

Already from ancient times, honey is known to have excellent ability to maintain immunity, fight viruses, and help restore the condition of someone who has just recovered from illness. Consuming honey regularly can keep the body from being addicted to antibiotics from chemicals because slowly, the body's antibody ability will be repaired. After the body starts to feel less pain, it will automatically leave the consumption of antibiotics from chemicals.

2. Lemon

Inside the lemon, there are coumarin and tetrazine compounds which function to help fight pathogens or other things that are damaging to the body's antibody resistance. Lemon has many benefits because it contains anti-bacterial properties, and can be consumed or used from outside the body such as cleaning wounds.

Lemon can be used to moisturize the face and cleanse the bacteria that cause acne. Cut the lemon like a thin sheet and attach it to the dull or blotchy skin, leave it for about 15 minutes then wash your face with clean water. Besides being able to increase antibiotics from the body, lemons can also be used to treat the body's skin from the outside to avoid exposure.

3. Pineapple

Pineapple is a fruit that contains lots of vitamin C. In pineapple, there is an enzyme called Bromelain which can accelerate the digestive system. Pineapple also has the anti-bacterial ability, therefore pineapple is very good for consumption after meals so it can kill bacterial bacteria that still remain in the mouth and throat.

According to the study, nearly 70% of the diseases were first caused by unhealthy digestive organs and other complications arose. Regular consumption of pineapple with other types of fruit to get better benefits to improve digestive health conditions.

4. Ginger

Ginger is one of the mainstay ingredients for making traditional medicinal ingredients whose abilities are no doubt. The ability of ginger to become an antibiotic, especially in the respiratory section, will be very helpful when the immune system is weakened by the flu. The most important benefit of ginger is to overcome almost all breathing disorders until the problem of bad breath.

5. Carrots

Carrots are one type of vegetable that contains lots of vitamin A. In addition to containing vitamin A which is very good for eye health, carrots are also able to be an additional source of strength as an anti-bacterial amplifier that works on the digestive organs.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric is almost always present in all types of processed foods throughout the world because it provides a stronger flavor of cuisine. The orange color of turmeric is not just a decoration but contains anti-microbial compounds that are very good to be a source of natural antibiotics for digestion.

7. Garlic

Who doesn't know garlic? Garlic is very easy to find in countries that have a tropical climate, even almost all countries try to cultivate this type of onion. In garlic, there is a lot of sulfur which can be anti-bacterial in the body. Onions can also prevent the appearance of fungi on the skin, worms in the digestion, and growth of other types of harmful bacteria.

By consuming foods that contain a source of antibiotics every day, the body's immune system will be maintained and not susceptible to disease, not easily lethargic also always feels fresh. As much as possible avoid antibiotics from chemicals because they have side effects in the long run.

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