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From now on, Know How to Remove Acne that Appears on the Face and What is the Cause

From now on, know how to remove acne that appears on the face and what is the cause

From now on, know how to remove acne that appears on the face and what is the cause

Morphamine - Acne with an intensity very often appears on the face can generally be caused by several types of food consumed, although there are still other causes that can not be avoided such as the influence of hormones or environmental conditions. Acne problems will definitely be experienced by someone between the ages of 13 to 20 years, because at this age almost all hormones develop rapidly, including the hormone testosterone which triggers acne.

The difference is, if pimples appear at the age of puberty, most likely the cause is hormones, but if acne occurs very often at any age, it could be caused by external factors such as dirty environmental conditions or types of foods with a lot of fat but very little nutrition.

Increased activity of oil glands due to puberty causes the accumulation of oil and dirt that can clog the pores of the face, with conditions like this, there are a number of bacteria that can remove irritating substances on the skin. Parts of facial skin that experience irritation and swelling are often referred to as zits.

Acne in a person can also be caused by offspring. If your father or mother is very prone to pimples on his face, chances are you or one of your siblings will inherit the same type of skin. Overcoming acne because offspring will be much more difficult than acne caused by increased hormonal activity in the oil glands.

Acne cannot be eliminated instantly, you should avoid products that offer acne breakers quickly because of the possibility of using chemicals with very high doses. There are a number of things you can do to get acne to go away naturally or keep your facial skin from coming out of acne.

1. Maintain Face Cleanliness

Maintaining facial hygiene is very important because acne appears more easily if skin conditions are often oily and dirty due to dust or pollution. The pores of oil-clogged skin mixed with dirt will definitely become pimples, so be diligent in cleaning your face and making sure there is no dirt that clots like black spots on the pores. You can clean your facial skin regularly using clean water at least 2 times a day. As much as possible, don't let the skin get wet for too long, dry using a clean towel or tissue.

You can clean your face using face wash or the like. But keep in mind do not use soap with chemicals too often, just use it once in the afternoon, other than at that time you can use clean water or with steam to relax the pores of the face so that dirt can easily come out.

2. Use a moisturizer that is suitable for your facial skin

Moisturizing products sold in the market almost all have gone through the test stage so as not to cause blackheads or pimples. Use a moisturizer that is really suitable for the type of skin you have. If only one use causes slight itching or discomfort, it's better to stop using it and not continue. How to find a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin is actually very easy, you must know what type of skin you have, then look for a moisturizer that suits your skin condition, if after use it does not cause any taste and the skin feels light, it is probably a type of moisturizer which is suitable for your facial skin.

Wearing a moisturizer that suits your skin condition will feel comfortable, but still don't use moisturizers too often, only use it if it's difficult to get water to wash your face or if the environment is in hot weather. As much as possible, leave the face in a natural condition because skin regeneration, especially in the face, takes a long time.

3. Avoid excessive makeup

Look for information about beauty or makeup products that are suitable for your skin type and do not use excessively because it can cause pores on the face to become easily blocked. As much as possible avoid using makeup if the face is having severe acne or with a large amount. If you are a woman who is demanded to always look attractive because of work, make sure you use makeup cleansers that are suitable and able to thoroughly clean the remaining makeup stains.

To find out what makeup products are suitable, you can consult a beauty doctor or facial skin doctor, this is highly recommended because if you wear makeup incorrectly, your facial skin will become damaged and very difficult to cure. Do not try to use a makeup brand that is recommended at random, let alone having a different facial skin from you.

4. Consult with a doctor

To avoid using wrong drugs or cosmetics, consult with a doctor you trust. Ask your doctor about what medicines are suitable or cosmetics that you can use frequently. In general, dermatologists will recommend using certain drugs that have been tested and guaranteed safety for all patients.

5. Morning Shower then Exercise

Bathing in the morning, especially at the time before dawn (dawn) has proven to be very good for the body, in this case, is shrinking pores and tightening the skin. After taking a bath, wait until the sun appears, do sports like jogging, gymnastics or other things that can sweat a lot, this method will force the dirt in the pores to come out with sweat.

Almost everyone who does this routine has a clean face. A positive value, people who often take a shower in the morning before dawn, the metabolism will be maintained properly, digestive conditions will be better prepared to absorb nutrients, active fat burning time will be earlier and the body will feel more excited.

Everyone must have had a pimple on his face and that is a natural thing. If the pimples that appear in large quantities and at almost the same time means that something is wrong with your skin condition, you should immediately contact a dermatologist and get special care.

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