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Appearing Acne on Faces? Know the Cause and How to Take Care of the Face if Acne appears

Appearing Acne on Faces? Know the Cause and How to Take Care of the Face if Acne appears

Appearing Acne on Faces? Know the Cause and How to Take Care of the Face if Acne appears

Morphamine - Acne that appears on the face in general is often caused by the type of food consumed. Most acne problems are experienced by someone between the ages of 13 and 20 years old. Acne can actually appear at any age because of the growth of hormones in the oil producing glands that are located close to the hair roots of the skin.

Increased activity of oil glands causes the buildup of oil and dirt that can clog the pores of the face. This is what makes acne-causing bacteria release substances that can irritate the skin. Part of the skin that is experiencing irritation and swelling is often called acne.

Acne in a person can also be due to heredity. If the father or mother is very easy to appear acne on the face most likely a child will inherit the same skin type. Overcoming acne caused by offspring will be more difficult than in acne caused by increased hormone activity in the oil glands.

Things to do if you have acne on your face.

1. Keeping Facial Cleaning.
Keeping these facial hygiene is very important because acne is easier to appear if the skin condition is often oily and dirty because of dust or pollution. Clean your face regularly using water pigments at least 2 times a day. Dry the face with a dry towel or tissue.

2. Use a Moisturizer that is suitable for your Face Skin.
Moisturizer products sold almost all already through the test phase, so as not to cause blackheads or acne. Do not overuse the moisturizer, only use if in difficulty getting water to wash your face.

3. Avoid excessive Makeup.
Look for information about beauty products or Makeup that fits on your skin type and do not use excessive because it can cause the pore pores on the face easily clogged. As much as possible do not use makeup first if the face is having severe acne or with a lot of numbers.

4. Consultation with Doctor.
To avoid misuse of drugs or cosmetics, consult with a doctor you trust. Check with your doctor about what medications or cosmetics you can use frequently. Doctors will generally recommend using certain drugs that have been tested and guaranteed safety for all patients.

5. Morning Bath then Exercise.
Bathing in the morning, especially before dawn is very good for the body, especially in this case shrinks pores. After the shower wait until the sun comes up do sports such as jogging, gymnastics or other who can spend a lot of sweat. Almost everyone who performs this routine has a clean face.

Everyone will definitely appear acne on his face because it is a natural thing. If acne is present in large amounts and at almost the same time it is better to contact a dermatologist and perform special care.

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