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Do you know Avocado Oil? These are the Benefits for Skin and Hair Health

Do you know Avocado Oil? These are the Benefits for Skin and Hair Health

Do you know Avocado Oil? These are the Benefits for Skin and Hair Health

Morphamine - Avocado oil is one type of avocado processed products obtained from the extraction process. Although avocado oil is not more famous than olive oil, it turns out avocado oil has better properties because it contains antioxidants and healthy fats which are very good for skin health.

Especially for avocado oil, its nutritional content is actually more needed for skin health than the nutrients found in avocados that have not been processed. The content of antioxidants, vitamin E and essential fats in avocado oil has proven to be very good for moisturizing the skin. Not only that, but avocado oil is also able to protect the health of the circulatory or cardiovascular system because it contains a lot of oleic acids.

Because the content of nutrients contained is more concentrated for skin health, here are some benefits if you consume avocado oil regularly.

1. Accelerate healing of injured skin

Oleic acid and essential fatty acids which are very much contained in avocado oil can increase collagen synthesis and reduce the number of inflammatory cells in the wound healing process. That is, the healing process of injured skin will be faster because the regeneration of new cells is easier to form and replace damaged cells.

2. Prevent Skin Aging

Avocado oil also contains lots of vitamins A, and D, which is an important nutrient with a calming effect on the skin or in other words the nerves on the skin will become more relaxed when it must survive the attack of weather conditions or free radicals, then the vitamin E content is also very good to increase collagen production which serves to prevent dry skin or skin aging.

3. Moisturize the skin

Because it contains very high vitamin E, avocado oil can overcome dry skin problems and will not make the oily skin. Vitamin E in avocado oil will restore the condition of dehydrated skin so that the skin becomes moist again.

4. Protect the skin from UV

Antioxidants in avocado oil can help protect skin from sunburn. The content of beta-carotene, fatty acids, lecithin, protein, and vitamins A, D, and E contained in avocado oil will provide extra protection to the skin from the danger of free radicals that cause skin damage.

5. Soften the skin

Besides containing all the nutrients that have been explained, it turns out that avocado oil also has sterolin. Sterolin is a type of natural steroid that does not have any negative effects on the skin. Sterolin can soften the skin, improve dry skin and reduce spots due to aging.

6. Smooth blood flow to the skin.

The content of lecithin found in avocado oil is a type of lipid that can help improve the process of channeling nutrients to the bloodstream and into the skin layer. By getting enough nutrients, the skin will be able to restore its beauty and health.

7. Nourish the Scalp and Hair

Avocado oil turns out to have a lighter mass than other types of oil, so hair will be easier to absorb nutrients. Avocado oil has a lot of benefits for the surrounding hair and skin such as maintaining hair moisture, Removing dirt that accumulates on the skin of the hair, can repair damaged hair follicles so that the hair looks thicker and healthier again.

This oil will not cause side effects on the body because it is made from natural ingredients, but this oil is not recommended for those of you who have oily skin because avocado oil can clog pores or cause blackheads if mixed with oil and dirt from the skin pores.

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