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Lasik Eye Surgery: Procedures, Treatments, Risks, Costs and Success Rate

Lasik Eye Surgery: Procedures, Treatments, Risks, Costs and Success Rate

Lasik Eye Surgery: Procedures, Treatments, Risks, Costs and Success Rate

Morphamine - LASIK surgery is an eye surgery procedure using primary media in the form of a laser, while the word LASIK stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileuses. The workings of the Lasik procedure are to use laser media to reshape the cornea as in normal conditions so that the focal point of vision returns right to the retina. LASIK procedures include surgical procedures with outpatients and can overcome visual problems such as myopia and astigmatism.

The laser beam used in the Lasik procedure is a type of ultraviolet laser. The advantage of the Lasik procedure is that it does not require a long time, only about 10 to 15 minutes of the Lasik eye surgical procedure can be completed. Anesthetic is used when the surgical process is a type of anesthetic drops so that the surface area of ​​the eye becomes numb. When the surgical process is underway, you should still be in a conscious state, but you are given medication so that the body condition is not tense and remains in a comfortable condition.

Before deciding to undergo a Lasik surgical procedure, you should do an examination and consultation with an ophthalmologist to be able to ensure your eye and health conditions are able or not to get the procedure.

LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure

Before performing a Lasik surgical procedure, you will be given a kind of medicine to keep your body comfortable and relaxed so that you don't feel stressed while in the operating room because almost all patients must be worried about the process of surgery. Your eyelids will have a support so that the eyes remain open during the surgical process.

LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure
When the eyes are open, the doctor will attach a suction ring to flatten the area of ​​the cornea and prevent the eyes from moving. After the suction ring is installed, your eyes will look dark because the cornea is being flattened. after that, the doctor will make a small incision in the corner of ​​the eye to make it easier to reshape the cornea according to normal conditions. After an incision is made, this layer is lifted and folded to make it easier for the process of cutting off a number of disturbing corneal tissues.

When the laser has been positioned straight and right into the corner of ​​the eye that must be changed, the laser will cut part of a particular tissue in the cornea to change the shape of the cornea according to normal eye conditions. After the formation of the cornea is complete, the folded layer will be placed in its original position and will stick without requiring any stitches.

After all Lasik surgical procedures are completed, you will be given eye drops and protectors so that the eyes are safe from unwanted contacts. The time needed for patients to recover after surgery is around 6 months and can be faster or later depending on the condition of the patient himself.

Preparation Before Performing Lasik Surgical Procedures

Before you get a Lasik surgical procedure, the doctor will definitely provide information about what preparations you should do. In general, you are required not to use or use something that gives a direct touch to the eyes or around the eye area such as contact lenses, makeup or makeup on the eye area before surgery.

Self-Care After Getting Lasik Surgery

The health condition of each person's eyes is not the same, therefore the time needed for recovery cannot be the same for everyone. In general, complete recovery after getting a surgical procedure is around 6 months, can be faster or slower also depends on the patient's age factor. In adolescent patients, eye conditions will heal faster than patients with advanced age

After getting a Lasik surgery, there are a number of things you have to do so that the recovery process of your eye condition is faster.
  1. After the eyepatch has been removed, do not use any objects that touch directly on the eyes, such as makeup, contact lenses and so on.
  2. Not doing a heavy physical activity, at least for one month or until it is actually declared cured by a doctor. Heavy physical activity will provide muscle pressure throughout the body, especially in the neck and head.
  3. Even though the eye protection has been removed, you are also advised to install the eye protection while sleeping.
  4. Take care of your eyes by avoiding all things that give direct touch or pressure to the eye area, use glasses with good material so that your eyes are protected from dust carried by the wind.
The Success Rate of Lasik Eye Surgery

For now, only the Lasik eye surgical procedure can be a solution to get rid of dependence using glasses. Lasik eye surgery has a high success rate of more than 90% to cure minus eye disorders (the success rate is only for minus eye disorders). If you have eye disorders other than minus eyes, don't rush to decide to use the Lasik eye procedure, consult your doctor first, convey all complaints to the eyes that you feel.

Risk of LASIK Eye Surgery

The eye's Lasik surgical procedure will be used by the doctor if the patient's condition allows obtaining the procedure. Although Lasik eye surgery procedures have a high success rate for minus eye disorders, all surgical procedures must have risks, all you have to do is minimize the risk by following all the directions and advice from the doctor for you. Trust your doctor because they will definitely do the best for the success of your surgical process.

Risks or side effects that may occur after surgery

1. Dry eyes
Dry eyes that occur after getting an eye surgical procedure can be said to be natural because the eyes are making adjustments to reduce tear production.

2. Light sensitivity
The Lasik eye procedure aims to reshape the cornea to fit the normal corneal shape while the main function of the cornea is to regulate the amount of light entering the eye. So when the recovery period after you get a Lasik surgery and the ability of the cornea is not fully recovered, the cornea will need time to adjust the amount of light that enters the eye so that the eyes will experience light sensitivity within a few months after surgery.

3. Vision disorders
For visual disturbances such as dark vision or other eye disorders, it is usually rare after Lasik surgery. If there is a visual impairment, it usually occurs because after the doctor removes the eye protection, the patient thinks his eyes have healed and then does something careless. Though the eyes need a long time to fully recover even though the patient can see normally.

Costs needed for Lasik Eye Surgery Procedures

In the United States, in general, the total cost required for LASIK surgery starts from the examination, consultation until the surgery is completed is around $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 for each eye. (information on the cost of Lasik Mata surgery in America is obtained from the source www.lasik.md)

Because the issue of costs is something that everyone must think about, it's good if you check the insurance that you follow will cover the cost of this surgical procedure or not. If you have planned to carry out Lasik Mata surgery from afar, you can seek insurance services that clearly bear the usual surgery for your eyes.

Feels Pain After Lasik Surgery

After undergoing a Lasik eye surgical procedure, vision will not immediately return to normal conditions. Of course, recovery of the eye as a vital organ will take a very long time to fully recover. After the surgery is done there must be symptoms such as pain in the eyes, itching, glare, blurred vision and others. This kind of thing sometimes happens to anyone who undergoes eye surgery. But you don't need to worry because less than one week your eyesight will start to improve.

If eye pain occurs more than 2 weeks, you should immediately get the further consultation with the doctor who handles Lasik surgery in your eyes.

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