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LASIK Eye Surgery. Let's Know The Benefits, Risks, Preparation, and Cost of LASIK Surgery

Let's know what is Eye Lasik surgery, Benefits of Lasik surgery, Risks, Side Effects and Costs required to perform this Lasik Eye surgery.

Let's know what is Eye Lasik surgery, Benefits of Lasik surgery, Risks, Side Effects and Costs required to perform this Lasik Eye surgery.

Morphamine - LASIK surgery is a surgical procedure using a primary medium of laser. LASIK itself stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, This Lasik procedure uses a laser to form the cornea as it is under normal conditions so that the focal point returns right to the retina. The LASIK procedure includes an outpatient surgery procedure and can deal with farsightedness, myopia, and astigmatism.

LASIK surgery uses ultraviolet laser light and this Surgery does not take long, only about 10 to 15 minutes. Stomach is in use at the time of Surgery is a kind of anesthetic that is dripped on the eye to the surface of the eye area to numb. During surgery, you are still conscious, but given medication to keep your body tense and stay comfortable.

Before deciding to undergo Lasik surgery procedures, you should do an examination and consultation with an ophthalmologist in order to ensure your eye and health are able to obtain Lasik procedures or not.

Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure.
lasik eye surgery procedure

Before doing Lasik surgery procedure, you will be given a kind of medicine to keep your body stay comfortable and relaxed so as not to feel tense about the condition of the surgery room, because in general a person would feel worried about the process of Surgery. The eyelid will also be mounted a buffer to keep the eye open during Surgery and not blinking.

With the state of the open eye will be installed a suction ring to flatten the area of the cornea and prevent the eye from moving. After the eyes are put on the suction ring, the eyesight to be operated will look dark because the cornea is flattened. Then the surgeon will make a small incision on the outer surface of the eyeball. After making an incision, this layer is lifted and folded.

Lasers that have been placed straight to the cornea of the eye will cut a certain tissue on the cornea to alter the shape of the cornea according to normal eye conditions. After the formation of the cornea is completed the folded folders will be placed in the original position and will stick without sutures.

After all the surgery process is complete, you will be given eye drops and eye protection. The time required to recover after surgery is about 6 months and may be faster or later depending on the condition of the patient.

Preparation Before Lasik Surgery.

Before surgery, your doctor will give you any information on what preparations you should take. In general, you will be required not to wear or use anything that makes direct contact with the eye or around the eye area such as contact lens of any kind, makeup or makeup on eye area before surgery.

After Lasik Surgery.

The condition of each person's eye health is not the same, then after surgery the time for recovery is also not the same for everyone. In general the time required to recover from the Surgery process is about 6 months can be faster or slower also depends on the age factor.

After surgery, there are things that you should do to improve your eye condition quickly.

As in before surgery, do not wear anything that makes direct eye contact, such as makeup, contact lens and others.
No heavy physical activity for at least one month or until fully declared cured by a doctor.
Using eye protection for as long as it takes for bedtime.

LASIK Surgery Risks.

LASIK surgical procedures will be taken by the doctor if the patient's condition makes it possible to obtain this surgical procedure. After that, all risks must be in any surgical procedure.

Risks that may occur after surgery.

-Dry eyes.
This happens because the eye adjusts to reduce tear production.

-Sensitive light.
Sensitivity to light that bounces or directly lead to the eye of course can happen because the eyes and light are always related to each other.

- Impaired vision.
Visual impairment is rare after Lasik surgery, a factor that causes this to occur usually because the patient, he assumes the eye has healed in a short time and then does a careless thing. To fully recover, the eye takes a long time, even though it can see normal.

Cost of Lasik Surgery.

In America In general the total cost required for LASIK surgery as a whole ranges from checks, consultations to Surgerys and completed Surgerys of about $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 per eye. (source www.lasik.md)

Because cost issues are important for some people, it's a good idea to check your insurance against the cost of this Surgery or not. If you have planned ahead of time, you can follow the insurance that will obviously bear your normal Surgery.

Feeling Pain After Lasik surgery.

After undergoing Lasik surgery, the vision will not immediately become as in normal circumstances. Of course, eye recovery as a vital organ does take a very long time to fully recover. After surgery, there must be symptoms such as pain in the eyes, itching, glare, eye sight opaque and others. This is normal for anyone who has an eye surgery. But you do not have to worry because less than a week your eyesight will improve.

If there is pain in the eye for more than 2 weeks, it is better you should do further consultation with the doctor who handles Lasik surgery on your eyes.

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