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These are the Benefits of Banana Masks for the Health and Beauty of Facial Skin that You Should Know!

Benefits of Banana Masks for the Health and Beauty of Facial Skin

Benefits of Banana Masks for the Health and Beauty of Facial Skin

Morphamine - Banana, who is not familiar with this fruit. Apparently, besides the sweet taste, banana masks also have a number of benefits for the health and beauty of facial skin by means of very easy use. Banana fruit is a type of fruit that can be found in any season, so don't be afraid to make banana masks for your facial skin health. Bananas are very well consumed because they have high iron content and are very low in fat.

Bananas contain very many nutrients such as calories, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium and lots of other nutrients. One of the nutrients in bananas that is good for skin health is Pyridoxine or Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine). Vitamin B6 content reaches 0.37mg in 100grams of banana or 28% in DV nutrition (Daily Values). Vitamin B6 is what makes bananas very good for skin health.

Some benefits of banana masks for health and beauty of facial skin.

1. Banana Masks make the Face Look Clean and Ageless

You can consume bananas regularly because the content of antioxidants derived from Vitamin B6 can protect the skin from damage caused by exposure to sunlight. In addition to the usual way to consume, bananas can be used as a face mask to remove dullness and wrinkles if done regularly.

2. Banana Masks Can Eliminate Acne on Your Face

Although there are not many studies that use bananas to make an acne-relief product, it turns out that there are many people who use bananas to get rid of zits and indeed many are successful. Just like how to get rid of wrinkles or dullness on the face, banana masks can also be used to get rid of zits if done regularly.

The content of Vitamin A, B and E will help facial skin to ward off free radicals and fade acne scars or blemishes on your facial skin. Lectin and Potassium in bananas can kill acne-causing bacteria and moisturize the skin so the pimples will disappear faster.

How to use a banana mask is very easy, first the bananas that are yellow and cooked and then puree, wash your face thoroughly, then apply a banana mask to the facial area with acne. Leave a few moments like using a mask in general then rinse thoroughly.

3. Banana Masks Can Help Tighten Facial Skin

In bananas, there are lots of vitamin E content. This vitamin E content can keep your facial skin tight as you get older. The benefits of vitamin E content in bananas can be obtained by consuming it directly or used as a face mask. For the purpose of tightening the skin, banana masks must be used longer or can also be used when sleeping and regularly.

4. Banana Masks to Whiten the Face

Many vitamins A, B and E found in bananas can help ward off facial skin exposed to free radicals and Ultra Violet rays that cause the skin to look dull and black. Vitamin E in bananas can help the process of fading black stains and spots that appear so that your facial skin will look whiter and cleaner.

5. Banana Masks for Facial Beauty

Do you know? The beautiful facial skin should start from a clean, black-free face, not from a thick face. Shown as naturally as possible, it will actually make your facial skin last longer.

Banana masks that can help clean facial skin, remove acne blemishes and tighten the skin will make your face look cleaner and more beautiful. Although using bananas as a mask can provide many benefits for health and facial beauty, consuming bananas as a substitute for lunch will be better and can provide nutritional intake from within.

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