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Is Tobacco Really Can Be Used As A Medication For Toothache, Diabetes Medication, And Wound Medication?

Is Tobacco Really Can Be Used As A Medication For Toothache, Diabetes Medication, And Wound Medication?

Is Tobacco Really Can Be Used As A Medication For Toothache, Diabetes Medication, And Wound Medication?

Morphamine - Tobacco is a type of plant which is a plantation commodity with the main advantage as a raw material for the cigarette manufacturing industry. According to news circulating, Tobacco can be used as a medicine for a toothache, diabetes medication, cancer drugs, wound medicine, even itchy drugs to HIV Aids drugs, but is that right?

Certain disease drugs such as cancer and HIV Aids from tobacco plants have indeed become research material in developed countries, but indeed there are several types of traditional medicines that use tobacco as the main ingredient.

Tobacco is already very well known throughout the world because its leaves, which are not profitable food commodities. A country with a tropical climate is a very good place for tobacco cultivation, especially in areas with dry and warm conditions.

Although tobacco is a product of annual agriculture, tobacco farming can be a very profitable agricultural commodity. This plant that is known to come from San Salvador is different from other plants, when other plants are very difficult to grow in the dry season, the quality of tobacco will actually get better when the water content in the environment is getting smaller. The most cultivated types of tobacco plants are Nicotiana tabacum and Nicotiana rustica.

The content of substances contained in tobacco

The following content in tobacco is not contained in a product such as cigarettes or similar products with tobacco ingredients, but the substance content of the tobacco plant itself has not gone through the processing process at all.


The biggest content in tobacco plants is nicotine, of course, this is already known by almost everyone. Nicotine is a type of chemical compound that belongs to the alkaloid group. Each type of tobacco has a different amount of nicotine. This nicotine substance is stimulant which means it can affect nerve work and includes addictive substances.


In tobacco stalks and leaves, there are bioactive flavonoids and phenols. This compound turned out to be able to be an antioxidant, anti-proliferation and anti-inflammatory. Antioxidants produced by substances such as flavonoids and phenols can be anti-carcinogenic or can prevent cancer.


Saponins are compounds with the form of glycosides that are active and can cause foam if shaken in water. The properties of these saponins such as having a bitter taste, forming a foam, and are a strong poison for some types of fish.


Polyphenols are chemicals that are known to give color to plant parts such as the color of leaves and fruit. Polyphenol substances have been studied and can be antioxidants.

Anti Microbial

Tobacco leaf extract has been extensively studied and turned out to be able to be anti-microbial and inhibit the growth of several bacteria such as E. coli and S. aureus.

The function of tobacco as a medicine based on the content contained in it.

1. Tobacco as a medicine for wounds

From ancient times many have known that tobacco plants can be used as medicine to dry wounds and treat skin diseases. Actually what happens is anti-microbial and antioxidant substances in tobacco which play an important role in wound healing. Anti microbes will inhibit bacterial growth in the wound so that the process of decay of the wound becomes slower and the process of forming new tissue is faster.

2. Tobacco to release the leech bite

Substances Nicotine contained in tobacco is a poison neurotoxin, and substances saponin that can be toxic to fish is very good to use to release leech bites on the skin. These substances will cause bitter and toxic taste for animals that live in areas with high moisture, such as small fish, leeches and some types of shrimp.

3. Tobacco As a Drug for Natural Pesticides

There is rarely news that mentions tobacco leaves damaged by pests. The very high content of nicotine in tobacco leaves can be toxic to neurotoxins that are harmful to insects. This neurotoxin poison can kill pest types in a relatively short time.

4. Tobacco as a medicine for a toothache

Not a few articles that discuss tobacco as a cure for a toothache, although the method of processing and its use to treat a toothache is unclear, it turns out there is strong evidence that old people who like to chew betel nut and tobacco rarely complain of pain in the teeth.

How to use tobacco as a medicine for a toothache, usually with boiling, then yellowish tobacco leaves boiled water is used to rinse when the teeth hurt. This method has not been clinically proven, but it turns out that many have practiced it and it has been successful in relieving pain in the teeth. Pain that occurs in the teeth is caused by the presence of bacteria that are digging nerves found in the teeth. The possibility of antimicrobial substances from tobacco is capable of killing these bacteria.

5. Tobacco as a diabetes drug

According to research from biogenetics experts, new genetically modified tobacco species have been developed which contain the interleukin-10 protein or IL-10. This IL-10 protein can be useful as an anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory for people with type 1 diabetes. It should be underlined that currently tobacco that can be used as a cure for diabetes is genetically engineered tobacco which still requires long-term testing rather than tobacco plants in general.

6. Tobacco as a cancer drug

Basically, tobacco plants have been investigated to contain antioxidants that can prevent the growth of cancer. However, research is still underway to make new types of tobacco through genetic engineering which prioritize strengthening the content of anti-cancer compounds in tobacco.

7. Tobacco as an HIV Aids drug

Tobacco is a plant that is unique because almost all of the ingredients in it are basic substances needed for the manufacture of drugs and tobacco is also very easily changed genetically. Research on tobacco plants for serious diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes and HIV Aids has been done for a long time. But of course, research like this is not easy, requires very long time and high risk.

You must understand that all the benefits of tobacco plants for serious diseases such as cancer or HIV aids can only be obtained from the process of researching genetic engineering and processing specifically and not from simple processing.

8. Tobacco as a medicine for itching and skin diseases

Tobacco as a medicine for skin diseases such as hives has proven efficacious. The antimicrobial and antibacterial content of tobacco can kill bacteria that cause itching so that the skin regeneration process will be faster.

The benefits of tobacco as a medicine for wounds and itching drugs have indeed been used by many people and it is proven that it can accelerate wound healing and eliminate itching on the skin due to bacteria. But the benefits of tobacco as a cure for diabetes, cancer drugs, or HIV Aids drugs do still have to go through a long research phase. For now, products in the form of drugs from tobacco plants that are sold legally are limited to pests and bacteria in the agricultural sector.

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