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Can tobacco be a medicine ?

Drugs from tobacco plants have been the subject of research, but there are also traditional drugs that use tobacco as the main ingredient.

Drugs from tobacco plants have been the subject of research, but there are also traditional drugs that use tobacco as the main ingredient.

Morphamine - Tobacco plants are well known around the world because their leaves are the main ingredients for making cigarettes. The country is in a tropical climate is a very good place for the growth of tobacco plants, especially in areas that are dry and warm conditions.

Although tobacco is a seasonal agricultural product, tobacco farming can be an excellent agricultural commodity. Plants known to originate from San Salvador are different from other plants, when other plants are very difficult to grow in the dry season, the quality of tobacco will be better when the water content in the environment is less. The most widely planted types of tobacco are Nicotiana tabacum and Nicotiana rustica. (source : Wikipedia).

The content of tobacco plants.

The content in tobacco is not tobacco that has become a product such as cigarettes and others, but the content of tobacco plants themselves that have not been in though at all.

The biggest content in tobacco plants is the substance of nicotine, this is already known to almost everyone. Nicotine itself is a type of chemical compound that belongs to the class of alkaloids. Each type of tobacco possesses varying amounts of nicotine. This nicotine substance is stimulant or can affect the work of nerves, including being addictive.

In tobacco plants also contain bioactive compounds flavonoids and phenols. This compound was able to become antioxidants, anti-proliferation and anti-inflammatory.

Saponin is a glycoside compound that is active and can cause foam if shaken in the water. The nature of saponins is like having a bitter taste, forming a foam, and is a strong passion for this type of fish.

Polyphenols are chemicals known to be the color giver of plant parts such as the color of the leaves and fruits. Polyphenols themselves have been studied can be anti-oxidants.

Anti Microbial.
Tobacco extract itself has been studied and was able to become anti-microbial and inhibit the growth of some bacteria such as E. coli and S. aureus.

The relationship between the substance content of tobacco and its benefits.

1. Drugs for Injuries.
From ancient times, many who already know that tobacco plants can be used as a medicine to dry the wound and treat skin diseases. Actually what happens is anti-microbial and antioxidants in tobacco is an important role. Antimicrobial inhibits bacterial growth in wounds so that wound decay is slower and the process of forming new tissue more quickly.

2. To Release Leech Bites.
Nicotine which is a poison of neurotoxin and saponin substances that can be toxic to fish is very good used to release leech bites on the skin. These substances will cause bitterness and toxins for animals living in areas with high water humidity.

3. Natural Pesticides.
Rarely is there news, news that says tobacco leaves are damaged by pests. The very high nicotine content in tobacco leaves can be a harmful neurotoxin toxin for insects. This neurotoxin toxin can kill insect pests with a relatively short time.

Benefits of tobacco plants as wound drugs because their anti-bacterial content is already known by many people, but for the benefits of other drugs such as internal medicine should be investigated and tested further. Currently, there are many studies on tobacco plants that have obtained the results, but the product has not been sold in the market, the product of tobacco itself has been widely sold legally is a pest and the bacteria eradication agent in the field of agriculture.

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