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First Aid for Overcoming Ulcers That Often Relapse Without Using Drugs (For Non-Chronic Ulcers)

First Aid for Overcoming Ulcers That Often Relapse Without Using Drugs (For Non-Chronic Ulcers)

First Aid for Overcoming Ulcers That Often Relapse Without Using Drugs (For Non-Chronic Ulcers)

Morphamine - Ulcer sufferers must often be disturbed if the ulcer suddenly recurs. Ulcers that often recur indicate that the ulcer symptoms are still in the middle stage or close to a chronic condition, make sure you get medical attention immediately. But if the ulcer often recurs without cause, don't rush to use drugs. Use the first aid method to overcome ulcers that often relapse to relieve the pain that arises.

Although it is said to relapse without cause, an ulcer can recur suddenly when stomach acid increases suddenly. The increase in stomach acid must have a causative factor. Gastric acid can increase in a short time because the body and brain conditions are approaching the stress stage, for example, due to work pressure or fear and anxiety.

When your condition approaches to stress, an increase in stomach acid is a natural response from the stomach that thinks there is an object that causes the condition to arise, and then tries to throw it away. Effects of increased stomach acid will appear a nausea sensation and want to vomit for some time.

If you have wounds or irritations on the stomach wall, increased stomach acid will strengthen the irritation due to your stomach. This sudden onset of pain is commonly known as a recurrent ulcer. Ulcer : Causes, Symptoms, Types, and Ulcers in Pregnant Women.

Taking ulcer medication when relapsing will indeed relieve the ulcer quickly, but you need to worry about the side effects caused. Not a few cases of frequent taking ulcer medication every relapse, at the time of the next relapse will require a dose of more ulcer medication and this will repeat over and over again.

It's good from now on, don't rush to take medicine but do first aid when the ulcer to relapse to reduce the pain that arises.

1. Loosen the Belts or Accessories that Stick to the Waist

Loosen or loosen belts and all types of clothing accessories that can put pressure around your stomach. The purpose of removing the belt is so that the muscles around the abdomen relax and the blood flow becomes smoother.

2. Take a Sit Position Leaning Relax (Don't Sleep Position)

Stop all your activities first and then find a seat leaning back and position your body to relax and be comfortable about 120o-140o. Do not lie down or take a sleeping position because it will pull the abdominal muscles. Then take a few deep breaths so that the condition of your abdominal muscles returns to normal.

3. Drink warm water or alkaline drinks

Take water then drink slowly and if possible drink warm water. When ulcers recur, try as much as possible to avoid cold drinks first. Warm white water can help neutralize bacteria and can clean up food debris that attaches to the stomach wall. If you realize that your stomach can recur at any time, you should prepare warm water or a warm ginger drink. Treating Ulcer Using Lemon, Can It Really Be Cured?

4. Always bring Chewing Gum

For those of you who have ulcers with frequent relapses, try to always bring warm water and gum. After drinking enough water try to chew gum. Chewing gum will encourage the production of saliva which can relieve the esophagus and suppress the amount of stomach acid because it is alkaline.

5. Eat fruits that can neutralize stomach acid

After a recurring heartburn has reduced, eat fruit that can neutralize stomach acids such as bananas, papaya or watermelon. You can also consume alkaline drinks such as water mixed with honey or young coconut water.

You can do the first aid steps when the ulcer is only if the ulcer condition has not reached the chronic stage. A chronic ulcer is a condition where the stomach has been severely injured and can only be treated with medication or a doctor.

If the pain that appears is still not reduced, then you can use ulcer medication. In this condition, it means that your stomach has started to get severe and you should get medical attention immediately.

Ulcer medication can indeed relieve pain when the ulcer recurs, but ulcer medicine cannot cure it. If every ulcer recurs and you only take ulcer medicine alone, it means you let your stomach ulcer get worse.

Don't consider ulcer as a common and trivial disease. Because if the ulcer has entered the chronic stage, there are a series of complications of the disease that have been waiting.

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