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First aid how to overcome ulcer relapse without drugs

First aid how to overcome ulcer relapse without drugs.

First aid how to overcome ulcer relapse without drugs

Does your stomach ulcer often recur suddenly?

Stomach ulcers caused by increased stomach acid or irritation of the stomach wall can indeed recur suddenly because it has many factors causing it. The main factor causing a sudden relapse of the ulcer is due to late eating or the emergence of body response due to stress when working.

When you experience stress, stomach acids will rapidly increase due to the body's natural reaction. The effects of increased stomach acid will show the sensation of nausea and want to vomit. If you already have a sore or irritation on the stomach wall, increasing stomach acid will strengthen the pain in your stomach irritation. Severe pain that appears suddenly on your stomach is what is commonly known as relapse ulcer.

Taking ulcer medication when a relapse will indeed relieve gastritis quickly, but to worry about is the side effects. Not a few cases because of frequent medication ulcer every relapse, when the next recurrence will require a dose of the drug more gastric and this will be repeated continuously.

It's good from now if the ulcer will relapse do not rush to take medication ulcer, but do some of the following to overcome the ulcer that relapse without drugs.

1. Loosen your belt.

Loosen belts or any type of garment accessories that can put pressure on your stomach. It is intended that the blood flow in the abdomen and waist you back smoothly.

2. Take a comfortable lean sitting position.

Stop all activities first then find a seat lean and position your body to relax and comfortable. Take a few deep breaths to keep your abdominal muscles back to normal.

3. Drinking Water.
Take water then drink slowly and if possible drink a little warm water. When the ulcer recurs, as much as possible avoid cold drinks first. Warm water can help neutralize the bacteria and can clean the remains of food that sticks to the stomach.

4. Chewing Gum.
If you know that you have ulcer disease, always try to bring water and chewing gum. After drinking enough water try to chew gum. This chewing gum will encourage the production of saliva that is able to relieve the esophagus and reduce stomach acid in your stomach.

5. Consume the type of fruit that can neutralize stomach acid.
Once the pain from the recurrence of the ulcer gland has subsided, consumption is the fruit that can neutralize stomach acid such as banana, papaya or watermelon. You can also consume alkaline drinks such as water and honey or young coconut water.

Some of these things you can do to first aid when ulcer disease is relapse. But if the pain from ulcer does not also subside, then you can use ulcer medication. In such conditions, it means that your condition is getting worse and you should get medical attention immediately.

The ulcer can indeed ease the pain when the ulcer relapses, but cannot cure it. If every heartburn relapse and you only consume ulcer drug alone, that means you let your gastritis worse.

Do not think of gastritis as a common and trivial disease, because ulcers that have entered the chronic stage have a series of complications of diseases that are very dangerous for health.

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