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Kidney Stone Disease, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Kidney Stone Disease, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment.

Kidney Stone Disease, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment.

Morphamine - Kidney stones are usually called pee stones are deposits that form hard material and almost resemble small size stones in the kidney. The precipitates that make up the hard material come from the waste of a substance salt, which is too much and insoluble or only slightly dissolved and then settles and crystallizes.

Stacking kidney stones common in people aged 40 to 60 years due to lack of water intake and the ability of the organs in order to begin to decline. Sedimentary rocks are small, usually come out with urine, but large deposits will clog the kidneys and cause a severe infection. In this age range of both men and women can easily have kidney stones because of the lack of physical activity and a variety of other causes, although men generally have a higher risk of having kidney stones than women.

Types of Kidney Stones

1. Types of Calcium Oxalate Stones.

The stone is a type of Calcium kidney stones are most often experienced by almost everyone. Calcium to form kidney stones are calcium oxalate type that many once found in foodstuffs which contain lots of calcium such as vegetables, fruit and calcium from the body itself.

Age factor can also be the cause of the rise of calcium oxalate stones. When the body enters the age of 40 years the condition of the metabolism and absorption of the food substance will slow down, but such physical activity routine jobs. The increased activity on the job easy trigger fatigue and stress is not in balance with the many white water intake, but instead provide the body with energy drink intake which basically contains a lot of dye and substances additional.

2. Types of Calcium Phosphate Stones.

Type of Calcium Phosphate kidney stones is rare and not much found its victims. This type of Kidney stone is formed only if one has a State of the urine is alkaline or have a high pH. Calcium Phosphate stones also can be formed on a person who liked the food that contains a lot of calcium Phosphates such as shellfish, nuts and more.

3. Uric acid Stones.

Kidney stones of uric acid can occur due to very high uric acid in the blood. Almost 25% or can be said to be one of the four people who suffer from gout also has kidney stones. This type of kidney stones related to the large number of incoming purine intake into the body, so the pattern of life that is bad and sloppily consume foods is the biggest factor for the occurrence of kidney stones of uric acid deposits.

4. Types of Struvite Stones.

This type of Struvite kidney stones is rare, but include different types of kidney stones are the most dangerous because his deposition is very fast once engorged and clog the tubes of the kidneys. Types of kidney stones more of this was found in women who have had or have experienced urinary tract infections. Struvite stone formation deposits of most is magnesium ammonium phosphate and then, where magnesium is a very easy compound precipitates into kidney stones.

5. Types of Cystine Stones.

This type of Cystine kidney stones the biggest cause of the formation of more due to genetic factors, where the system is one kind of amino acid in the body is not normal or simply applied an amount very much and overdo it. The amount of cysteine is very much this can cause leakage of the wall of the proteins found in the renal tract, urinary tract leading to so much that system settles and becomes a kidney stone.

Causes Of Kidney Stones.

The main function of the kidneys is to clean and filter the blood of substances is often called a dirty or waste substances in the blood which then waste substances were dumped along with urine. The biggest problem is if the waste substances and an amount more than the liquid solvent to be discarded along with urine which eventually led to sediment deposition-. The sediment that is what the longer will increasingly crystallize to form kidney stones.

The amount of waste substances which is too much in the blood, which can eventually be kidney stones are caused by several factors:

1. Lack of Drinking Water.

Less intake of water is a very common cause of emergence of kidney stones. Waste substances in the form of salt or other minerals careful can be disposed of along with the urine if the content of these substances less than solvents. But if solvents or water content in the blood is less than the minerals, salts, and other substances will stick to one another, so that more easily dissolved than it settles along with urine.

2. Diet Carelessly or with some type of food only.

Kidney stones frequently encountered types of kidney stones are calcium oxalate, the biggest cause of the formation of kidney stones is because someone is very fond of the foods that contain lots of calcium oxalate intake stabilised but gives no others.

The types of foods that have high oxalate content like chocolate not good if consumed in excess. Almost all of the men and women liked the different types of chocolate, while enjoying a chocolate definitely with other colored drinks or have a refreshing sweet taste, eating patterns such as this was the main cause of kidney stones where substances in foods that will be filtered by the kidneys have an amount more than its liquid solvent or water content in the blood.

4. Hereditary factors.

Someone who has relatives, father, or grandfather with a history of kidney stones would be easier to have the same type of kidney stones. Cystine kidney stones types like that is because the kidneys excrete many amino acids, such as renal disorders is caused by the disease cystinuria derivative.

Another derivative of the disease that causes kidney stones are hypercalciuria where body condition very much content to absorb calcium. With this kind of body condition, but not able to keep up with the amount of fluid intake that much, then deposition causes kidney stones will more quickly formed than people who have the normal body condition.

5. Have any Other chronic disease.

Such types of kidney stones of uric acid that arises because the disease is triggered by chronic gout. Other diseases can also cause kidney stones such as diabetes, and other chronic diseases that cause complications.

Symptoms Of Kidney Stones.

Symptoms of a kidney stone that occurs in general, such as pain in the lumbar region of the lower part of the stomach, sides and crotch piece. These symptoms can only be felt if the size of kidney stones has already begun to dilate and clog the channels of the ureter and interfere with the smooth running of the urine. However, there are some signs that might be a benchmark examination to start living your kidney stones.

1. Sometimes Feel Pain.

If you sometimes feel pain in the lumbar or lower parts of the crotch moment will produce urine or urination, will soon do a better examination in order to be addressed early. Despite the pain that arises is not frequent, it is never considered trivial because if the pain is already often means kidney stones have reached large sizes.

2. Frequent urination.

The second sign is if you frequently feel like to urinate, but the amount of urine that are issued are always a bit, this is caused due to the blockage of the ureter blockage in-causing urine difficult out.

3. Urine Turbid and Smelly.

If your urine is cloudy or colored brownish ever and smells unpleasant, but you do not consume hard drugs, it could be that are signs of kidney stones due to bleeding from the Kidney stone of friction as it passes through the urinary tract.

Symptoms of kidney stones in children.

Symptoms of kidney stones in children almost the same symptoms in general, but with a frequency that is a shorter and often accompanied by nausea and fever. If your children ever complained of pain while urinating and frequent fevers it's good if the checks early.

Symptoms of kidney stones in women.

Symptoms of kidney stones in women can be early detected due to the resilience of the body with different men. Struvite kidney stone types most often appear on women because women are vulnerable to bladder infections. If urine comes out smelling unpleasant and feels pain, when will stand chances of kidney stones is already taking shape. Medical packaging should be done if the signs are often in the natural.

Symptoms of kidney stones in men.

Kidney stones in men are also the same with the symptoms in general, but on men, a kidney stone the size of a small not so noticeable. An early sign of a man to have a kidney stone in the case of difficult urination or while going to pee takes a few seconds until the urine out and the urine comes out murky colored. In the urine of normal body condition will easily come out and colored bright yellow.

How To Remove A Kidney Stone.

At this point, it's been an awful lot of methods to remove a kidney stone, but all of these methods can be done depending on the size of the Kidney stone itself. If early signs are already visible and the stone size is still small, how to remove it still easily and almost all methods can be used, but if the size of the stones is already huge and clog must immediately do medical handling.

How The Treatment Of Kidney Stones.

There are several ways for the treatment of kidney stones:

1. Kidney Stone Surgery.
Surgery is the fastest way to remove kidney stones.

2. Herbs.
This herbal treatment can be done for small to medium size kidney stones. The focus of this herbal treatment is to consume herbal ingredients that contain substances to shed kidney stones little by little.

3. Drinking a lot of Water.
Drinking water with large quantities can only handle small kidney stones that will come out with urine.

Kidney Stone Surgery.

Handling of kidney stones by surgery will be done if the kidney stone condition has a large size and can cause serious infections of the kidney. Here's the method of kidney stone surgery:

1. Ureteroscopy.
This method of surgery uses the ureteroscope to remove the kidney stones and insert it into the ureter that will come out with urine. For kidney stones of large size will be broken first using a special method.

2. Open Surgery.
As the name implies, this method uses an incision from the surface of the skin to the inside to remove kidney stones.

3. PCNL.
PCNL itself stands for Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy. This method also uses an incision on the skin surface close to the kidney then insert a tool called a nephroscope to remove kidney stones.

Kidney Stone Surgery Cost.

The method of surgery is certainly not an affordable price, but surgery is the fastest and best way to deal with kidney stones that are already large. The required cost is about $10,000 to $20,000 for its own operation and not with the drugs consumed after surgery.

How To Treat Kidney Stones Naturally.

Actually, it is very difficult to treat kidney stones naturally because it takes a long time and usually someone who has a severe kidney stone is unable to withstand the pain of prolonged.

Treating kidney stones naturally can be done if kidney stones have been detected and still small. In such conditions the treatment is done only by improving diet, reduce salt, drink plenty of water and leave all the drinks are colored or tasteless.

How To Treat Your Own Kidney Stones at Home.

If kidney stones are still small in size you can regularly treat them yourself at home without having to spend a lot of money, but patience is needed for this. The most powerful medicine for all kidney stones and almost all ailments is drink plenty of water, leave fast food and leave the colored and have many flavors, especially soft drinks. There are so many dangers of soft drinks that have long-term effects can trigger the emergence of kidney stones.

You can also consume lemon, nitric acid in lemon can help destroy kidney stones, especially calcium phosphate and oxalate kidney stones.

How To Remove Kidney Stones Without Surgery.

Eliminating kidney stones without surgery can only be performed for small kidney stones and not yet of medium size. For the size of kidney stones that have been large and cause prolonged pain, the method of surgery is the most appropriate method.

Herbal Kidney Stone Medicine.

This herbal kidney stone drug is more to the food ingredients that its nutritional content can help shed the kidney stones are formed. The most common kidney stones are calcium, magnesium or crystallized salts. Just like its nitric acid contained in the lemon can help shed kidney stones with calcium type, there are some other good food ingredients for kidney stones:

1. Water without any taste and any coloring to improve the dissolution process of kidney stone itself.
2. Antioxidants from apples.
3. Water and many vitamins from the watermelon.
4. Consumption of grapes.
5. All types of fruits that contain lots of water, vitamins and anti-oxidants are very good for consumption by patients with kidney stones.

Kidney Stone Prevention.

There is always a saying better to prevent than to cure because kidney stones that are large and severe can cause the kidney does not work. So it would be better to take precautions before it's too late. The following precautions that can be done to avoid kidney stones:

1. Drinking plenty of water.
2. Leave the colored beverage, taste in any form.
3. Reduce food sources of oxalate such as chocolate, kale, broccoli and many others.
4. Reduce consumption of all kinds of salts.
5. Expand the consumption of foods containing citric acid such as lemon. Foods containing citric acid here are native foods such as some vegetables and fruits and not the kind of vitamin in the form of capsules or supplements.

Kidney stones are a type of disease that is the main factor of its formation due to indiscriminate diet and not thinking about health. So the best way to prevent it is to improve a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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