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The Benefits of Lemon Water for Body Health and Digestive System

The Benefits of Lemon Water for Body Health and Digestive System. 

The Benefits of Lemon Water for Body Health

Morphamine - Lemon which has the real name Citrus Lemon is a popular fruit in the world of health. The origin of the lemon has not been known until now, but the lemons began to be cultivated in an area in northeastern India, northern Burma and China. Although the taste of lemon is very sour, it turns out that this fruit has many benefits for the health of the body.

The content of lemon juice is also not less than other types of oranges. The main content of lemon is Vitamin C it reaches 53mg per 100 grams. In addition to vitamin C also contain Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12. Other important substances include Choline, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium (Potassium), Zinc, Manganese and Selenium.

The best benefits of lemon:

1. Lose weight or help the process of dieting.

Actually, there is no research that explains that there is a content in the lemon that can remove fat to lose weight. But if you regularly consume lemon juice and stop consuming other drinks, especially those containing caffeine, sugar or soda, the content of lemon juice will help improve your metabolism and lemon juice does not contain artificial sugar.

In the state of your diet is set, not too much carbohydrates and then avoid drinks containing artificial sugar and metabolism system that improves the body fat content that causes weight will begin to decrease over time. Because this is the fruit of lemon in believe can help reduce weight, not from consuming lemon fruit, but from the efficacy of lemon fruit that can improve the body's metabolic system.

2. Daily Vitamin and Anti Oxidant intake.

The amount of vitamin C content that many in the lemon is able to provide for daily vitamin C requirement for the body and of course better than consuming vitamin C packaging.

Lemon fruit is also one of the fruits that can be a source of natural anti-oxidants in the body because of its vitamin C type. Vitamin C contained in lemon fruit is ascorbic acid (the original chemical compound of the fruit and not man-made). Ascorbic acid has the ability as an antioxidant and able to heal wounds in the stomach wall.

3. Help Overcome Symptoms Ulcer.

There are so many sources that provide information if drinking lemon juice can help overcome heartburn. This can happen because the content of ascorbic acid can help heal wounds in the stomach caused by excess stomach acid.

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4. Kidney Stones Prevention.

It is often feared that consuming too much vitamin C can actually cause kidney stones because the active ions in vitamin C can trigger the increased production of oxalate in the body.

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This is not to worry about because it applies to some types of vitamin C supplements, while for lemon juice the main content is water that becomes the main substance of the kidney stone solvent and the type of vitamin C in the fruit is different from the type of vitamin C in the packaging supplement.

When consuming lemon juice once every day, the metabolic and water absorption conditions will be better. Consume lemon juice regularly will cause a sensation of satiety in the stomach and fresh in the throat that allows you to reduce soft drinks.

5. Improve the digestive process.

The best benefit of lemon is to improve the condition of digestion. This means an increase in fluid intake and better absorption of nutrients. Virtually all complications begin with the digestive system. Consuming too much fast food will slow down the absorption process and its nutritional content is not very good because too much carbohydrate and fat.

Lack of water and vitamin C will cause inflammation of the throat, the stomach will even have an effect on the kidneys. By consuming lemon, juice of course will increase the intake of fluids and vitamins that enter the body. With a more fluid intake, food digestion and removal of unneeded substances will also be more perfect.

Consumption of lemon juice daily by adding more water will prevent the body from dehydration. Avoid drinks containing soda, artificial sugar, alcohol or colored substances so that no substances that settle in the digestive system and metabolism return to normal.

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