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List of Lemon Benefits for Body, Skin and Digestive Health

List of Lemon Benefits for Body, Skin and Digestive Health

List of Lemon Benefits for Body, Skin and Digestive Health

Morphamine - Often used as a flavoring dish because it tastes sour, it turns out lemons have many benefits for the health of the body, for healthy skin even for the health of digestive organs. Lemon is known as one type of fruit that contains natural antibiotics, which means that there are many health problems that Lemon can solve.

Lemon which has the full name of Citrus Lemon has become a popular fruit in the world of health for a long time. The place of origin of lemons is still unknown, but lemons are cultivated in an area in northeast India, northern Burma, and China.

The content of lemon nutrition is not inferior to other types of oranges. The main content of lemon is Vitamin C with an amount of 59% of the daily nutritional adequacy rate per 100 grams. Besides vitamin C, there are also vitamins in B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12. The contents of other important substances in the form of Choline, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium (Potassium), Zinc, Manganese and Selenium.

The following are the benefits of lemon for a healthy body, skin, and digestion that you must know.

1. Lemon can help reduce weight when undergoing a diet program

Actually, there is no research that explains that there is a content in lemon that can remove fat to lose weight. But if you regularly consume lemon juice and stop consuming other drinks, especially those containing caffeine, sugar or soda, the content of lemon juice will help improve your body's metabolism. In fact, lemon juice does not contain artificial sugar, unless you add sweeteners.

In conditions of a regulated diet, not consuming too much carbohydrate then avoiding drinks containing artificial sugar, the body's metabolic system will begin to improve. With the return of normal metabolic functions, the fat content that causes weight loss will burn little by little until it finally decreases over time.

Based on the process sequence, lemon is believed to help reduce weight. So it is not because consuming lemon then losing weight, but the content in lemon can improve metabolic functions that can maximize fat burning.

2. Lemon Gives Daily Vitamin Intake and Anti-Oxidant

A large amount of vitamin C in lemons is actually able to meet the body's daily vitamin C needs. Of course, the original vitamin C from the lemon is far better than the vitamin C content in the packaging supplement product.

Lemon is also one of the fruits that can be a natural source of anti-oxidants for the body mainly because of its type of vitamin C content. Vitamin C contained in lemon is ascorbic acid (an original chemical compound from fruit and not man-made). Ascorbic acid has the ability as an antioxidant and can help repair wounds in the stomach wall.

3. Lemon Can Help Overcome Ulcer Symptoms

There have been many articles that discuss if drinking lemon juice can help cure ulcers. Apparently, this can happen because the content of lemon ascorbic acid can help heal wounds on the stomach wall caused by eroded by stomach acid. Discussion More: Treating Ulcer Using Lemon, Can It Really Be Cured?

4. Lemon to Prevent Kidney Stones

It is often feared that consuming too much vitamin C can actually cause kidney stones because active ions in vitamin C can trigger increased production of oxalate in the body.

But take it easy, this applies only to certain types of vitamin C supplements, while for lemon juice the main content is water which is the main medium for kidney stone solvents and the type of vitamin C found in different fruits with the type of vitamin C in packaging supplements.

When routinely consuming lemon juice once a day, metabolic conditions and absorption of water from the digestive organs will improve. Lemon juice can provide a feeling of fullness in the stomach and a feeling of freshness in the throat that allows you to feel no longer interested in drinking soft drinks which are the main cause of kidney stone formation

5. Lemon Can Improve Digestion Process

The best benefit of lemon is that it can improve metabolic and digestive conditions. This means that it will have an impact on increasing fluid intake and better absorption of nutrients. Almost all severe complications of the disease must start from a digestive system disorder.

Consuming too much fast food will interfere with the process of absorption of nutrients because there is too much bad fat. So from now on leave all kinds of fast food and drinks. Try to routinely start drinking original fruit juices and add lemon juice to the list of drinks that must be available every day.

Lack of water and vitamin C will cause inflammation of the digestive system starting from the throat, stomach and even give effect to kidney disorders. By consuming lemon juice regularly, of course, it will increase the intake of fluids and vitamins that enter the body. With more fluid intake, digestion of food and disposal of unneeded substances will become more perfect.

6. Lemon can nourish the skin, especially the face / facial skin

Lemon with all the ingredients contained in it can improve metabolism and digestive function. The efficacy of the lemon turns out not only for internal organs. Vitamins, Minerals, and Anti-Oxidants are the main nutrients for the skin to fight pollution and free radicals.

Have you ever seen lemon slices or skin used for masks? Or maybe lemon washing soap that easily removes oil? Such is the ability of the vitamin and antioxidant content of lemon slices which can be used directly to cleanse the face, reduce fat and brighten the skin.

Consume lemon juice every day by adding more water to prevent your body from dehydrating. Avoid drinks containing soda, artificial sugar, alcohol or colored substances so that no substances that settle in the digestive system and the body's metabolism return to normal.

Benefits and Efficacy of Lemon for Body, Skin and Digestion Health cannot be obtained instantly, you have to struggle to consume it regularly and avoid foods or drinks that hinder the work of the digestive system then you can feel the benefits to the fullest.

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