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Treating Ulcer Using Lemon, Can It Really Be Cured?

Treating Ulcer Using Lemon, Can It Really Be Cured?

Treating Ulcer Using Lemon, Can It Really Be Cured?

Morphamine - Discussions about treating heartburn by using lemon or the benefits of lemon to treat heartburn have often been found on the internet. But the question is, is it true that just using lemon ulcer disease can be cured?

Lemon or known as the Lemon Citrus is a yellow fruit that has been widely known in the world. Lemon is famous for its high vitamin C content and can meet 88% of daily needs per 100 grams. In addition to its abundant vitamin C content, lemon also contains many compounds such as polyphenols, naringenin, hesperidin, diosmin, eriositrin, naringin, and d-limonene.

Actually, there is no such thing as ulcer disease, the ulcer is usually used as a word to express complaints that occur in the digestive tract. So ulcer is not a disease but a symptom or sign of a particular disease in the digestive tract. A disease that is a symptom of an ulcer is usually in the stomach because nausea that appears first must be sourced from the stomach. Ulcer Disease - Learn about the causes, symptoms, types, and its complications.

There are many diseases that cause stomach ulcers such as stomach acid or stomach acid reflux. In addition to stomach acid, other causes of ulcers can also be caused due to inflammation in the walls of the stomach, intestines or inflammation of the esophagus. Infection of one of the internal organs around the abdomen can also be the cause of the emergence of an ulcer, although it rarely happens.

The Process of Symptoms of Ulcers

Ulcer symptoms are common and often occur due to excessive amounts of stomach acid. Because of a disorder, the production of stomach acid becomes excessive and causes irritation to the mucous membranes in the stomach wall. Basically, stomach acid is needed for the digestive process of food, but if the amount of stomach acid is excessive it will impact damage and scrape the surface of the stomach wall.

The surface of the stomach wall that has been irritated and exposed to excessive stomach acid repeatedly, then the next condition will cause the appearance of pain and nausea sensation. The sensation of nausea that arises is a natural response from the digestive organs to remove objects or substances that are considered not good for the stomach condition. Objects or substances that want to be reduced by the stomach when it is in the form of stomach acid itself.

How Can Lemon Help Treat Ulcer

The content of vitamin C in lemons is also known as ascorbic acid. In this section, Vitamin C in lemons is NOT the same as vitamin C in packaging drinks or vitamin drinks. In beverage products or packaging vitamins, the content of vitamin C is citric acid (made with a chemical process) and not in the form of acrobatic acid (original vitamin C from fruit).

The results, published in scientific journals Digestive Diseases and Sciences, ascorbic acid in lemons have the ability to heal wounds caused by inflammation and contain phytonutrients that can fight H. pylori bacteria. It is known that this bacterium can cause infection in the gastric mucosa wall.

Based on the research of experts, it turns out ascorbic acid in lemons has unique properties. The sour taste of a lemon does not become acidic in the stomach when consumed but instead becomes a base forming. This can be seen from the many articles on how to make alkaline water to balance the body's pH from water and lemon ingredients. Lemon base formation occurs because the residue from the digestive process of lemon water helps remove hydrogen ions and then gives a basic alkaline effect on the body.

From here begin to see how lemon can help treat ulcers. An ulcer caused by excessive stomach acid causes irritation and inflammation in the stomach wall, while the ascorbic acid content of lemons has the ability to heal wounds caused by inflammation. Water from lemon even when it enters the body does not turn into an acid but becomes a base forming which can reduce the amount of excess stomach acid.

Some articles suggest drinking lemon juice before meals to reduce nausea caused by stomach acid. It must be known that nausea is a sign of an ulcer that has not reached a chronic condition.

Nausea that arises is the initial condition of mild ulcer because of the high amount of stomach acid. If this condition is left untreated, a small irritation of the stomach will become a wound that causes chronic ulcers. While chronic ulcers do not provide symptoms of nausea, but the appearance of immediate pain with a long duration of the stomach.


The content of lemon juice can indeed be a therapy to reduce nausea due to stomach acid and help cure stomach irritation only if the stomach condition is still in the early stages of symptoms where nausea is more often felt that pain.

If you want to use lemon juice for healing ulcer therapy, it's better to consult a doctor first if the cause of your stomach is due to excessive stomach acid or other causes.

If the ulcer condition is chronic where the pain appears more often than nausea, do not try any therapeutic action but you must immediately get medical treatment because chronic ulcers have a list of bad effects that are not small.

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