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Ulcer : Causes, Symptoms, Types, and Ulcers in Pregnant Women

Ulcer : Causes, Symptoms, Types, and Ulcers in Pregnant Women

Ulcer : Causes, Symptoms, Types, and Ulcers in Pregnant Women

Morphamine - The word ulcer is actually Dutch from the Gastric Organ. The ulcer is not a disease but is a term for various types of complaints caused by digestive disorders (indigestion), especially in the stomach. The causes and symptoms of the ulcer are not the same for everyone, so don't easily accept other people's suggestions carelessly.

The ulcer is often referred to as a disease as a result of irregular eating patterns or often late eating, but not so, but because it is often too late to eat eventually causes certain symptoms or diseases of the stomach such as excessive stomach acid which then symptoms of the disease are called ulcers.

Very many people ignore the initial signs of an ulcer because they are limited to nausea that comes only at certain times. If this condition is left alone, as we get older, the ulcer condition will become painful and become a chronic ulcer. The chronic ulcer will be very dangerous because of the side effects of this disease such as complications of heart disease or other digestive infections.

Causes of Ulcer Disease

There are many causes of ulcer disease but generally caused by digestive disorders caused by unhealthy lifestyles.

Here are the reasons why someone is prone to stomach ulcers:

1. Irregular Diet

Irregular eating patterns are indeed a source of all diseases associated with the digestive organs. Even when fasting there are rules for when to stop eating and when to start eating again.

This irregular eating pattern does not mean not eating anything in a certain period of time but when it has entered the time when the stomach is usually filled, it is left alone because of forgetting or other activities. Of course, the time of this diet is different for each person, this diet is formed from a person's eating habits for a long time.

The effects of irregular eating patterns will be the main cause of ulcer disease. When the stomach should have been filled but left empty, then the amount of stomach acid will increase. If more frequent, stomach acid can cause irritation to the lining of the gastric mucosa. This irritation in the stomach lining will produce pain and nausea at the same time.

2. How to Eat Wrongly

In addition to irregular eating patterns, the wrong way to eat can also be a cause of heartburn. Here is an example of how to eat wrong.
  1. Eating too much
  2. Eat too fast
  3. Do not limit the type of food consumed or only eat foods that are preferred
  4. Directly lie down or sleep after eating with a fullness
  5. Less fiber consumption
Some of these things can cause interference with the stomach because the stomach's work process becomes irregular to digest food. When the age is still young, this will not be so visible because the body's metabolism and digestive system are still in top shape, but the effect will actually be felt if the age has reached more than 40 years.

If you include people with a large portion of food, all you have to do is not to eat in large quantities at once but you must increase the frequency of eating more with fewer meals. For example, you may eat 5 times a day but with fewer portions, because this can relieve and stabilize the work of your stomach.

3. Often consume food or drinks that are harmful to the stomach

In addition to how to eat, the next thing to consider is the type of food or drink that is often consumed. Types of food or drinks that are dangerous for the stomach if consumed too often are as follows:
  1. Food with a too sour taste
  2. Spicy food
  3. High fat and oil content
  4. Soft drink
  5. Alcoholic beverages
  6. Cigarettes and Caffeine
In addition to increasing the amount of stomach acid faster and more difficult to digest, these types of foods are also easier to cause injury to the stomach wall. So as much as possible avoid consuming these types of foods and drinks so that the stomach conditions improve and avoid heartburn.

4. There are complications of other diseases

Because ulcers are not a disease but a term to explain a set of symptoms that are uncomfortable in the digestive tract, meaning that the ulcer is not only caused by stomach acid but can also be caused by certain types of diseases that are still related to the digestive system.

Some diseases that can be the cause of ulcers:
  1. The presence of ulcers on the stomach
  2. Infected with Helicobacter pylori bacteria
  3. Psychological conditions such as stress, anxiety, or too much burden on the mind
  4. Gastroesophageal reflux (stomach acid moves into the esophagus)
  5. Obesity
  6. Constipation
  7. Gallstones
  8. Inflammation of the pancreas
  9. Gastric cancer
  10. Reduced blood flow in the intestine or other diseases of the intestinal organs
Actually, these diseases can be a cause of ulcers and can also be caused by an ulcer. Because ulcers are a sign, the types of diseases that can cause ulcers can only be ascertained through medical treatment. Treating Ulcer Using Lemon, Can It Really Be Cured?

5. Take certain drugs

Medicines from chemicals do have the advantage of dealing with health problems more quickly. But drugs from chemicals must have some side effects, one of which is the occurrence of disorders of the digestive system such as ulcers.

Some types of drugs that have side effects cause ulcers:
  1. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin
  2. Medication for nitrates is like some types of medicine for the heart
Symptoms of Ulcer Disease

Symptoms of ulcer disease experienced by everyone is not the same, this is caused by differences in the cause of the ulcer itself.

Some stages of symptoms commonly experienced by people with heartburn:

1. Feel Nauseous and Want to Vomit

Symptoms of nausea and vomiting are almost always experienced by ulcer sufferers because they are caused by stomach acid which increases and erodes the lining of the stomach wall.

2. The appearance of pain or pain in the pit of the stomach

This symptom is caused by a wound in the stomach. Pain in the pit of the stomach is often felt in patients with ulcers, but it is precisely these symptoms that are the most dangerous because it can cause a series of subsequent symptoms.

3. Quickly feel full, bloated and often belch

These symptoms are the effects of symptoms of pain. Because it feels pain appetite will disappear and the effect will feel full. After being easy to feel full, eating patterns become irregular, then there will be a feeling of bloating and frequent belching.

4. Insomnia or difficulty sleeping at night

Because some of the previous symptoms cause discomforts, as a result, there will appear anxiety and difficulty sleeping at night. After often experiencing insomnia or symptoms of insomnia, the body's health condition will decrease. At this stage, if left alone, the ulcer will become chronic. Insomnia : Symptoms, Diagnosis, Causes, and Treatment.

5. The appearance of intense pain in the stomach or upper abdomen

This happens because the ulcer is in the chronic stage. Chronic ulcer must immediately get medical help because it can cause complications of other diseases that can be fatal.

Ulcer in Pregnant Women

Symptoms of ulcers that appear in mothers who are pregnant are not different from the symptoms of common ulcers, except that the conditions felt by the mother will definitely be more severe because of the presence of a growing fetus.

If a woman does not have a history of ulcers when she is not married and then finds the symptoms of an ulcer appearing during pregnancy, the ulcer is not caused by an illness. Symptoms of ulcers that appear most likely because of the growth of the fetus that urges the abdominal cavity or it could also be due to hormonal changes that occur in pregnant women.

Ulcer Medication for Pregnant Women

If you are a mother who is pregnant and has symptoms of stomach ulcers, do not immediately use ulcer drugs that are sold freely on the market, consult your obstetrician because the ulcer in pregnant women is different from the ulcer in general, although the symptoms are almost the same.

There are several ways you can do to reduce nausea and pain caused by an ulcer when pregnant.

1. Try to change your diet and the type of food consumed

Pregnant women do not need to eat a lot so that nausea and pain do not appear again, you only need to eat as often as possible in small portions so that your stomach remains in a state of filling. Also, pay attention to the type of food you consume, pregnant women are better off choosing fiber-rich foods like wheat, beans, and vegetables. It doesn't matter if you want to eat fried chicken, but make sure your own fried chicken with fresh chicken and good oil.

2. Adjust your sitting and sleeping position

When pregnant, your mother's back will be heavy because it supports the fetus's weight, however, try to stay upright when eating and drinking so that the stomach is looser and stomach acid does not rise easily. Sleeping position for pregnant women should be in a supine position and head higher than the stomach, if the mother experiences nausea at night, try to drink warm water or warm milk then lie on her back with 2 pillows to support her head.

Types of Ulcer Disease

Actually, there are no types of ulcers, because the ulcer itself is caused by other factors or diseases. The type of ulcer disease is only distinguished from symptoms, stages or severity. But this stage of the ulcer can have a dangerous effect. If one stage of the ulcer is underestimated and left alone, over time the ulcer will change to the next stage.

The severity of Ulcer Disease

1. Mild ulcer

Mild ulcers have symptoms only limited to nausea and just want to vomit, but this feeling does not appear at any time and only appears at certain times.

2. Moderate ulcer

This stage of ulcer patients has begun to often feel nauseous accompanied by a feeling of pain in the stomach, especially when entering meals. Moderate ulcers can still be overcome by prescription drugs.

3. Chronic ulcer

The chronic ulcer has more frequent nausea and pain, even this condition has caused insomnia and anxiety at night. Next, there will be a tremendous pain in the stomach at certain times.

4. Gastric Cancer

Very severe pain often starts. This stage is very dangerous and can be fatal because it must immediately get medical help as soon as possible. Gastric cancer can cause various other complications of the disease and the most dangerous is the risk of death.

Impact and Complications of Ulcer Disease.

1. Stomach often bloated

The impact of nausea and vomiting will cause stomach conditions often empty and bloated. Flatulence is not always a sign of ulcer disease but is worried if flatulence often appears and to return to normal conditions requires a longer time.

2. The condition of the body becomes weak

Stomach often bloated, rarely ate, then it was difficult to rest or experience insomnia to be the next impact that caused a weakened health condition of the body. Indeed, the symptoms of stomach ulcers are not so pronounced, but if you begin to feel this condition, you should immediately consult a doctor because the weakened body condition is the beginning of chronic ulcer disease.

3. Drastic Weight Loss

Difficulty eating and having a hard time resting will be the cause of the next impact, which is drastic weight loss. This condition indicates that the ulcer is severe. The outer body will decrease faster than the diet process, and the stomach will erode faster.

4. Stomach inflammation and gastric bleeding

After the weight loss and stomach lining are rapidly eroded, the next one is not the impact of ulcer disease but has entered into complications in the form of inflammation and gastric bleeding.

5. Blood Vomiting and Bloody Defecation

Gastric bleeding will cause vomiting of blood and blood during bowel movements. In this condition, you must immediately get special care from the hospital.

6. Tumors and Cancer

Wounds and bleeding in the stomach must cause the appearance of bacteria. It is the bacteria in the stomach that will be the beginning of Tumor or Stomach Cancer.

Tumors and Cancer are just one of the complications of an ulcer that is not treated and left alone because there are still many other diseases that are also fatal. The ulcer's tenderness did not feel anything at first, just like normal fatigue and bloating, but it was an age that would be the determinant.

The stages of severity of ulcer disease will increase with age. Complications due to ulcers occur more often when entering the age of 40 years. So it is better if you do not underestimate this ulcer disease at a young age because it will drag a series of other diseases when you have entered old age.

Ulcer does look like a trivial symptom and almost everyone has it, if you think so, you should be careful because almost all dangerous diseases are not very visible at first.

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