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4 Habits of Causes of Distended Stomach Unwittingly Done by Women and Men

4 Habits of Causes of Distended Stomach Unwittingly Done by Women and Men

4 Habits of Causes of Distended Stomach Unwittingly Done by Women and Men

Morphamine - The distended and hard stomach is not a disease or a dangerous thing, but a distended stomach will greatly affect the appearance. For women or men whose work routines are required to maintain their appearance in public, a distended stomach will become the main enemy. The most important thing about a distended stomach is not how to deal with it or how to minimize it but rather on what is the cause.

The causes of the distended and hard stomach are very many, but the main cause is due to bad habits that are often done such as hoarding fat or lack of physical activity. For those of you who have loved sports that are concentrated in the abdominal area, fat deposits will occur in the muscles and not the skin, so your stomach will bulge and feel hard when pressed.

Almost everything that feels good and addictive is the cause of the bulging of the abdomen, of course, activities such as heavy exercise are not pleasurable but painful.

For those of you who already have a distended and hard stomach or maybe in the process of bulging, you have to know what is the cause. Because if you immediately exercise with the intention to shrink the stomach regardless of what causes your stomach to become distended, your exercise will be in vain and produce nothing.

The following are the causes of distended and hard stomachs that are often carried out unnoticed by women and men:

1. Before Sleeping Eating Habits

The first cause of a distended and hard stomach is frequent eating before going to bed. Eating before going to bed does give a special sensation. Sleeping after eating will feel comfortable and sound because the stomach is full.

However, habits like this will quickly make your stomach distended. When sleeping, the body does not carry out activities and metabolic conditions will slow down, but the body will still burn little by little fat deposits.

If you sleep when you are full or after eating, burning fat deposits will not be efficient because the amount of fat burned is not too much (unless you are sleeping in the summer and are sweating).

When your body regains consciousness or wakes up from sleep, the absorption of fat from the food you consume before going to bed will occur faster and as a result, more fat will accumulate in the stomach.

2. Lack of Sleep and Stress

The best sleep time for adults is around 8 hours. if you often experience insomnia and finally your sleep time is less than the number of hours, cortisol or the type of hormone that causes stress will increase. Insomnia : Symptoms, Diagnosis, Causes, and Treatment.

The effect of this hormone, you will feel tired, weak and maybe dizzy when you wake up. This gives side effects that cause the body to want to get more energy intake such as high carbohydrates, sugar, calories or fatty foods. These types of foods, of course, very quickly trigger the accumulation of the amount of fat in the abdomen.

3. Routines That Cause the Body to Move Less

The cause of the next distended stomach is a condition of the body that is less mobile. Less moving here does not mean lack of exercise but like office work routines or the like, that do spend almost all the time work at the table.

When the body is less mobile but often feels hungry, you may experience stress because of work or maybe your job demands to use high concentration. The side effects of hunger are what make up the bad habit of eating while working or eating a very large portion after being tired of working.

An eating habit like this is the fastest thing that causes the formation of your distended stomach. As much as possible avoid habits like this. To avoid this habit, you can bring a stock of fruits and water. Do not bring provisions such as bread, donuts, chocolate or the like.

The distended and hard stomach is most often possessed by people who have practiced and concentrated in the area of ​​the abdominal muscles and then quit the activity for example because of work. Fat will accumulate in the muscles, so that when the stomach is pressed, what you will feel is just pressing the muscles.

4. Cigarettes and Alcohol

The cause of the last distended and hard stomach is very closely related to previous causes. Lack of sleep and frequent smoking will indeed cause thin, but thin that is obtained not from reduced fat but shrinking muscle mass. Fat will still accumulate on body parts that are rarely used to move especially in the abdomen.

Almost the same as cigarettes, alcohol also very quickly causes a distended stomach. In alcohol, there are very many sugars and calories. People who often consume alcohol usually often feel full and lazy to eat. The sense of satiety produced from sugar and excessive calories will not provide benefits to the health of the body but only a continuous buildup of fat and invite complications of other diseases.

All of the above are habits that are not realized as the cause of the main distended stomach. If you often do one of these habits, it's good to start leaving.

Basically, a distended stomach is indeed not a disease and is only a process of accumulating fat, but what is feared is a health problem caused by fat that accumulates too long in the abdomen. There are many complications of diseases such as stroke, diabetes, and heart attacks that attack people with fat bodies and too bloated stomachs.

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