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How to Remove Dark Circles Under and Around the Eyes

How to Remove Dark Circles Under and Around the Eyes

The problem of the appearance in part around the eyes is indeed always require special attention. With increasing age, would have been a lot of problems that began to appear signs such as dark circles around the eyes or sagging skin and dark under eyes.

The appearance of dark circles around the eyes is not a strange thing if already entered working age. Job demands while continuing education will definitely give a high pressure on the muscles around the eyes. Panda eyes and eye pouch almost as a causal effect is inevitable.

A great many of the causes of the emergence of a black color around the eyes. In addition because of fatigue, health factors also affect. Not just in adults, dark circles in the eyes can also occur in children.

Because it has a variety of causes of emergence, of course how to overcome and eliminate dark circles under and around the eyes as well. How to remove dark circles in the eyes can use the natural way or faster with the treatment of doctors like using this type of cream.

So do not carelessly tried medicines that only advertised through the medium of the internet. It is feared rather than will eliminate but instead add to the severe circumstances. You can listen to a brief discussion of the following to find out the proper way of overcoming the appearance of a black color around your eyes.

Causes Of Dark Circles Around The Eyes

The dark circles around the eyes have a myriad of factors cause. The most common cause is due to damage to the blood vessels around the eyes. Around the eyes of lots of fine blood vessels, if the damage to blood vessels or circulation of blood not smoothly it will make the condition of the skin around the eyes appear blackish.

Indeed many other causes, but the final stage of these other causes will also cause the effects of damage to the blood vessels around the eyes. The following is a list of the causes of the appearance of dark circles around the eyes and the eyes of the SAC.

1. Stress Conditions, patterns of rest is disturbed, then comes the symptoms of Insomnia

The cause of the appearance of dark circles and eye pouches are most commonly on natural stress condition is due to work pressure and the burden of the mind from the outside, e.g. family problems or personal problems.

The condition of stress will not cause the appearance of dark circles around the eyes, but when stress is already too long and affect the rest of the pattern, then often having difficulty sleeping (insomnia), only then will appear dark circles and eye pouch.

How can it happen? The best blood circulation to the area of the face especially the eyes (actually the circulation to all skin tissue) can only occur when the position of the body totally relax and rest, in other words, is when sleeping.

The skin can be clean, free of black flecks of blood circulation may be sufficient if it needs oxygen to the skin tissue. If the time of sleep disturbed and irregular, oxygen to the skin tissue around the eye will be late and lacking, so delicate blood vessels around the eyes will be "tired of you" and damaged.

Such a condition will accelerate the appearance of dark circles and eye pouch. Lack of sleep causes early, just after the circulation of blood is interrupted continuously packed will appear next cause aging.

2. Aging, fatigue and excessive Make Up

Aging and fatigue factor the same thing with stressful conditions that ultimately makes a rest period is interrupted, the Agency felt already sleepy but still could not sleep. Eventually be a symptom of insomnia.

Aging that occurs in the skin tissue, particularly of the skin on the face would make a woman use make up more in order to disguise the aging conditions. Wearing excessive makeup course enclosed and difficult cause the skin to get better air circulation.

Indeed from the view of others, aging will not be visible, but nonetheless, the skin will grow tired of having to withstand pressure from the makeup is used. Instead of removing black stains, black color around the eyes will be more permanent.

3. Too often Consume Caffeine and smoking

Still with the same effect as the cause of the appearance of dark circles around the eyes are first and second. Caffeine and nicotine in smoking will also affect the quality of your night's rest.

Lack of sleep, fatigue and a sense of pressure because stress also includes effects due to caffeine content and getting a lot of nicotine. More severe effects, caffeine, and nicotine overload will have the effect of inducing that finally can accelerate aging condition on skin tissue throughout the body.

4. Flu, nasal congestion, Allergies, and Exposed too often Sneeze
The cause of the appearance of dark circles and eye the next SAC is a condition where the respiratory system is compromised, more specific, namely the quality of rest is disturbed because of the difficulty in breathing or too frequent sneezing.

In addition to the factors already described insomnia before, distractions around the nose will cause the sneezing a stronger than usual. The level of sneezing, when exposed to flu symptoms, can give larger pressure around the muscles of the face, which of course there is a possibility of damaging some of the fine blood vessels around the eyes.

5. Wrong Clean Makeup

Clean up makeup also don't carelessly and rubbing too hard can cause sores around the skin of the face. The makeup will be more difficult on the cleaned around the eyes. So it must be absolutely clean and should be careful.

Aside from how to clean it, you have to really know the cleaning products make up to suit your skin. Make sure you know it's not from advertising in various media but directly from the doctor skin care to prevent more severe damage occurs.

6. Other factors Cause the appearance of dark circles and Eye Pouch

The explanation for the 5 factor causes the appearance of a black color around the eyes is a common cause and must happen to everyone. On the other hand, there is indeed cause for which only owned by certain people.

For example, due to heredity, hormonal changes in the body's fluids even can also affect the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. For this special factor, the handling is needed of course is not the same as the causes that occur in General.

Causes of dark circles around the Eyes under the eyes of a child

Not just in adults that can appear dark circles around the eyes. Kids also can have similar symptoms. It causes the appearance of dark circles and eye SAC in children has a more narrow scope.

A common cause that occurs is also the same, i.e. less or disruption of sleep time. Children need time to sleep longer, if the time his sleepless, children can also have a black color around the eyes.

Specific causes are due to hereditary factors. If your child is easy once it has dark circles around the eyes, for example, because of the flu a few days directly appear black in color around the eyes, try to check from the side of the family for example of hereditary factors in the home or from his grandfather and grandmother.

Tips and how to Eliminate dark circles in the eyes

With the rapid development of health technology, how to eliminate dark circles and eye pouch is now easier. But still, you should consult specialist skin health as well so that better treatment results.

1. Skin care products with Vitamin K, Sunscreen SPF 30 and Laser beam

The use of Sunscreen SPF 30 to remove a black color around the eyes are already widely used. Its main function is to protect the skin from sunlight and ultraviolet.

When SPF 30 sunscreen works to protect, you can also use skin care products in the form of vitamins and nutrients in order to regenerate dead skin cells and blood vessels are damaged can work optimally.

Black skin care with a laser is indeed the fastest method is to remove the black skin around the eyes because of a ruptured blood vessel and damaged. Of course, the cost is definitely bigger.

2. The use of sleeping pills or drug Allergy

Dark circles and eye sacs can occur due to lack of sleep or because of the flu and are suffering a kind of allergy. Sleeping pills and a drug allergy is not aiming to eliminate dark circles that rather fix what causes the appearance of dark circles and eye pouch.

The use of a type of sleeping pills and drug allergy should not be indiscriminate. You have to know for sure what the cause of your insomnia or is being infected by the virus. Consult a doctor you trust for this.

3. Treatment with Dermal Filler

The Dermal Filler is a method used in medical procedures with hypodermic media aims to incorporate special materials in order to disguise the wrinkles or scars on the skin of the face.

In addition, the Dermal Filler can also be used to repair damaged blood vessels under the skin. The material injected can vary depending on its needs. Effects of Dermal Filler treatments can be seen quickly. Within a few days, the black around the eyes can already fade even disappeared.

Cream Dark Circles Eyes Relievers

Cream products that are used to remove the dark circles around the eye or under is usually a skin Whitener cream products.

Do not carelessly or try using a cream bleach to remove panda or black color around the eyes. Remember! Everyone's skin type is not the same meaning in the content of materials needed for the skin cream of course vary.

Removal of dark circles cream or cream bleach commonly recommended doctors is a cream that contains various nutrients such as vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, retinol, lightening substances as well as Hydroquinone which serves to inhibit the enzyme causes the skin dark.

You can also use cream with moisturizing ingredients in order to make the process of regeneration of the skin under the eyes are getting better. As for the SAC of the eye, you can use a cream with a content of materials of elastine and niacinamide for skin tightening facial stimulant the return under the eyes.

How To Naturally Eliminate Dark Circles Eyes Quickly
Remove dark circles around the eyes naturally does not always use the herbal ingredients in DAB on the skin that is black or herbal ingredients with the drink. The natural way is more focused on avoiding bad habits that cause the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

1. avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and food Causes the saturation

As already described, the content in alcohol and smoking can interfere with your rest period, whereas the skin takes a break to regenerate properly.

Kind of like eating fast food in the absence of complete nutritional content will also make your skin dry and could be a faster experience of aging.

2. Drink a lot of Water

The ability of the skin to regenerate may also be reduced. Make sure the skin is not dry with plenty of drinking water so that when the rest of the night, the process of transporting nutrients already digested and miss out on to the rest of the body through the blood can easily get to the area of skin with liquid content in the blood of the would be sure.

3. Enforce the time You Sleep Enough 8 hours, no less!

By avoiding alcohol, smoking, and caffeine, your body should feel tired and wanted to rest immediately. Unwind with a relaxing and comfortable. Leave your problems and work outdoors.

Make your bedroom free electronic devices such as a TV and phone. The best way to get quality sleep that one is with a soothing herbal drink to break.

The purpose of sleep time is you get time to rest and regenerate the cells you are running perfectly. If you've been having insomnia disorders, may soon get medical handling.

4. Regular exercise and relaxation of the eyes

Regular exercise is, of course, useful to remove toxin that is under the skin. Toxin and poison that builds up under the skin can only be wasted if the body secretes sweat as effectively. Sport with the regular and routine is the only way for your skin is able to dispose of sewage.

Relaxation of the eyes can be done in various ways such as by tourists. A vacation need not far away and expensive, you need only stroll to a dominant place in green for example to area waterfalls and jungle tours. Because the color green can make eye muscles contract and become relaxed.

In order for muscles and blood vessels around the eyes are not strained, you can compress the eye for example with sliced cucumber or cloth in the chill. If you have the money, buy the tools a massage the muscles around the eyes with extra infrared in order to launch a blood circulation around eyes.

How to overcome and Eliminate dark circles under and around the eyes are basically very easy. You just have to know with certainty what the cause and stop the habit causes. All care products to eliminate dark circles and eye pouch wherever possible to first consult your doctor before use.

The latter don't forget happy and eliminate all the causes of your stress. Because stress is the beginning of a serious health problem, whatever that is.

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